Friday, December 5, 2008

Nice picture of Arianna

Yes, this is one of her new "spots". She likes to watch the birds, bunny, and the tons of squirrels that we have in our backyard.

Arianna's first car ride!

We went to the Aurora Outlet mall over the weekend and I will not go there in a long, loooooong time. It was crowded and not many stores that I like except for Lindt chocolates and the Swarovski Co. (but too expensive to buy usually). This time I actually bought a Steiff bear with a swarovski crystal ornament for 56 dollars which is actually a deal. The bear was too darn cute, and it will be for Arianna eventually.
The reason that we went is to buy one gift for the gift exchange with my family. It so happens that the store that we were looking for is either at this mall or in Michigan City. Anyway, while shopping for some yummy chocolates, Mike decided to take Arianna to one of the kid's cars. Here goes the quarter and this is what happened:

It was more challenging this time with Arianna because she wanted to walk too. I mean I don't blame her, she can do it now. So, we took turns while my sister or me went into stores. She was very happy and was smiling to the people passing by when she was let "loose". And those are the pictures of us happily leaving the mall.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

After the museum, we went home for a bit so Arianna could take a nap, which she did (about 2-3 hrs.) Then, we headed to Tiffany, Glenn and Dave's house for diner. They had a nice turkey with all the sides that go with it. We ate plenty and then we went to the living room to play White Elephant. It was fun. The kids played together for awhile and then Arianna got too tired. I tried to put her in Glenn's crib, but she did not stay. So, after a bit longer we went home.
Here is a picture of Bobo, their bunny. He is so cute. They also Ruby, a goldfish (I think), and Apollo ( I forgot the type of reptile he is - so help me Tiffany). I forgot, for dessert they had some nice brownies and I brought a pecan pie (which I never had before, but I did not like it much, I think I prefer pumpkin and then sweet potato pies.)

Here are some other pics:

I love this one! I took this picture right after finishing the food. Can you tell? No one could move for awhile :)

Arianna loves Christmas trees, from this tree she liked the bear ornament that you see in the front of the tree.

I asked Glenn to smile for a picture and he did. I finally took a nice picture of him, usually he is too quick for me.

I wonder what made Dave and Tiffany laugh this way. I am sure it was the white elephant's gift!

And I finished the event with a picture of Arianna and Glenn playing together!

Around Thanksgiving

Well, let's see Arianna still loves her bear as you can see in the pictures below. I love the one where she is looking at the fridge because she did not know that I was taking the picture, and she is going about her business :) The other picture, you can tell that she was telling me something " BEAR"! Yes, we know is your bear sweety...
[ In other words, she makes the sound for monkey and dog. Knows her nose, ears, and sometimes mouth. She can say blue (blu). Asks for her bottle. Tells you when she is hungry. She hugs and kisses her bears and us! ...and some more that I cannot think right now...]

How this ladybug got into Arianna's shoe is a mystery. When we got home and took her shoes, I saw something inside. First , I thought it was a small pebble, but once I went inside to get it and moved, it startled me until I figured out what it was. I took her outside so my cats were not going to " play " with it.

On Thanksgiving Day, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry as it has become a tradition. Most of the trees were beautiful, but I have to say that the Mexican tree this year was not nice. :( Hopefully next year, they can do something better. I even told Mike I would try to save or make some ornaments for next year if I can find out who is doing it next year. I always pick my favorite top 3. This year were: Poland, Japan, and Native American!
In this visit, we had a pretty group: Arianna, Arianna's grandparents, Uncle Ron, Aunt Ann, Mike and me. This was the first year that Arianna was walking around and touching gently some of the ornaments. She liked this doll that was next to one of the trees. I guess she started to like babies. We also ate a little so we could still have a big appetite for the wonderful dinner that Tiffany, Dave and Glenn did for us later in the day. Here are some pictures of the Museum!

Wait for the second part of the Thanksgiving Day!