Friday, September 12, 2008

Coming to a year ... _(Part 2)

First winter coat! She was almost half the size of this beautiful pink coat when we first tried to put it on. Now, it does not fit at all, so we have a new coat for this winter. Sometimes Mike asks me if she has grown, I think this is the answer.

Many of you have seen this picture because I used it to make her Baptism cards, but I love the fact that she looks as big as the binky and this is her first binky. She only used it for about a month then decided she did not need anything until she started teething and then her finger looked good to her.

First high chair. She used to love to sit in this very comfy chair and we used the chair until she wanted to keep standing on it (and the seat belt did not restrain her enough) so we had to switch to the kind you put in top of the chair. Luckily, the hair that fell out when she was about 3-4 months has come back as well, phew! I love those green socks :)

I think Ari and Yoda were becoming friends! This was our first trip to a museum, in this case, the Museum of Science and Industry. She was very attentive to her surroundings, maybe next time we can go to the hands-on section for kids. I think she will definitely enjoy that.

She was having such a blast that she smiled for the first time. We were so happy to see that, no gas. This was a very real smile with a bit of giggles.

Thank you grandpa, I was really hungry. This picture was taken after her baptism (December 16, 2007). Thanks to Dave, Tiff, and Glenn for the nice frame and picture. We never forget the date because of the frame.

This was the Christmas gathering at my sister's place on December 24, 2007. Her kids are so excited because we are finally going to open the presents. Arianna was so excited that she decided to take a nap during the entire screaming event.

This was our first Christmas morning (December 25, 2007) at our house. We woke up early and went downstairs to open the presents. Mike helped her open her gifts; she was interested in a few. I think this coming Christmas will be better because she will have a better concept of the Holiday, but we love that this was our first Christmas together.

This was our first Christmas with the Nelson Family. Like it was with my sister, Arianna slept through most of the celebration, but we had Glenn to keep us amused. He was so happy to open his presents. [ If I remember correctly we celebrated Thanksgiving at Dave and Tiffany with a delicious turkey and side dishes, but I could not find any pictures for the event. Still, that was the first holiday with Arianna]

This was her first trip to Michael's. As many of you know, mommy loves crafts and she behaved wonderfully. She still does now, but I have to give her something that shines or makes sounds so that she gets entertained. She knows the store so well that when we enter, she knows the cart and the aisles already. Are you looking at a future crafty person? Only time will tell...
This was the first time that she was going from tummy to back and back to tummy. She was about 4 months. The colorful mat was part of her crib. I took her out and put it on the table so we could exercise better.

Ah! For the love of the T.V. control. She was learning to sit around this time, but she did not have the control to go up and down. The t.v. control started slipping when she was sitting down and she decided to go with it. Yes, she still in love with our control to any electronics, especially the t.v. She knows how to change the channels now, and does it until she sees something that she likes.

This was her first trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse. I forgot exactly where it is, but she was awake during the time we were watching the critters in the school. For our hiking/walking part,she took a nap, and then was awake for awhile, but we thought it was a bit chilly to take her out of her cocoon.

Arianna's first time ever shoes! They were pink and Winnie the Pooh. She was also starting to stand, that is why we bought the shoes. This is in March 2008, so she was six months, but then she went back to crawling again (mostly) so we did not put her shoes until now (11 1/2 months).

Thanks to Dave, Tiffany and especially Glenn for lending us the exer-saucer, she loved it from 6 -10 months. I will put her in there, and I could do a bit of cleaning, eating, or going to the bathroom without worrying that she may flip or something. She especially enjoyed the froggie, but she also liked all the bell and whistles that came with it. She used to jump so hard that she will poop as well, something that was really good for us since she did not go that often before the jumping :)

Love my shopping cart! We went shopping for a few items for our upcoming vacation to TN. And I remember that I had my camera, this was one of the first times that she was sitting on the cart (not in her car seat attached to the cart). She loved it then, she loves it now. I know the day will come that sooner rather than later that she will want to push the cart, not sit in it. But, for now she likes it, although she does not sit forwards; she sits sideways!

This concludes part 2, wait... we still have some pictures of me in TN! Stay tunned.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coming close to one year... (Part 1)

September 18 will be a year since we were so blessed by our little girl so I thought I should go back and remember some special moments (and some first moments). Like the baby shower on August 2007. We were opening some of the gifts and in this picture we realized " Oh, my God, this is it. We are about to be parents (especially after we opened the tiny onesies).

Mike getting the room ready for the baby. We bought some books that she plays with now.

The first time we brought the baby home (this was the day we left the hospital, we took this picture just when we were leaving), it felt surreal, happy, excited and a bit scary.

First bath taken at home. I was worri
ed that she was going to cry, but she did not and she loved it.

First restaurant trip, we went to Culver's and I think if she could have been able to eat, she would have gone for some fries. She loves french fries and mac-n-cheese.

First time my nieces and nephew (Logan is missing from the picture) met their cousin. They were very happy and a bit disappointed because they wanted to play with her already.

This pictures has a special place in my heart because Mike took a few pictures so I could see my baby while in the hospital due to an appendectomy. It was very comforting to see that she was ok, but I was so eager to go home with her.

First party/ celebration that she attended was the birthdays of her grandma and grandpa! (That is her Aunt Ann holding her and her cousin Glenn checking that everything is in order). I want to take the opportunity to say a million thanks to the Nelson Family, especially grandma and grandpa for their support in the first months of Ari coming home. It was priceless, thank you.

First trip to the grocery store. I think that going to the grocery store has become a nice tradition. She loves "to help" me put stuff in the cart, sometimes if I am not paying attention I find one or two items I did not put. I am happy to report as well that she loves fruits and vegetables. I know it may change, but for now her favorite is cantaloupe.

This was so much fun! Her first Halloween. You can see how excited she was. Her cousins Raven, Scarlett (in the picture), Phoenix, Logan and my sister Alma (in the picture as well) came with us to celebrate. Later on, my brother and his family came too. Arianna was dressed as a chili pepper :)

I would end with Halloween for this post, but there are a few more moments that will come soon...Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It happened!

I finally decided to have a blog where relatives (near and far) can see into Arianna's Universe. So here we go ...