Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sea of leaves

We went outside on Wednesday when the weather was still nice (It was getting windy) and Arianna played with the leaves. By Thursday, the guys that came to mow the lawn, cleaned out and took all the leaves, but about 2-3 hours we had lots more...
Can you find me? :)

Some shots of the beautiful changing leaves in the trees around our house :)

When we were coming back to the house I noticed this squirrel that lives in the tree just behind our fence and was able to take a nice picture.

Arianna enjoying a ride around town. By the way, she is getting use to hair pins, the only problem is that she plays a lot and the pins sometimes do not stay in their position!

I knew it was not going to be long before Arianna was interested in my toaster! Yeah, here is the proof. Littler finger's mark!

When we first bought the kitty piano, she did not care much. Now, she plays with the piano quite often and I was able to take this video :)

Thrift finds!

I went to the thrift store (one I have never had a problem with) and it was the first time that I went when it was barely opening (9 am). There were so many children's books and lots and lots of things to go through. I had never seen so many :)

With 31dls I got the following:

-17 children's books (there were plenty left for other kids)(2 were musical)
- 7 beanies (Ari plays with them - specially the doggie)
- 2 big cups (I always wanted a good hot chocolate cup)
- 11 stamps (Christmas related)
-7 pieces of clothing for Arianna (2 still had tags)
- a musical / table activity for kids (value at 40 dls)
-A bed for dolls (and a doll included )

I cleaned all the books and toys and they look like new, some were new too. So, I guess not bad for a day of shopping. Here are some pictures!

Mommy night out - Pre-Christmas!

Since it is really hard to get together during the holidays, we decided (Leigh Ann, Barb, Tiffiney, Sarah, and me) to get together last week and enjoy a pre-Christmas event. I know it is a bit early, but we had lots of fun.
We got together at Leona's restaurant and the food and service were good. We also exchange a grab bag and everyone got really nice gifts (You will see Arianna playing with the bag, the candle I put it away so she will not break it or try to eat it!)

So, thank you and enjoy all the holidays and we will see each other soon :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We had a few events recently! On November 1, we went to see the Thomas Jefferson show with John Williams from WGN 720 and Clay Jenkinson. It was the second time that we had gone to see the show (last year was the first time), but each show is different. If you are interested to know more about it, here is the link ...
While away in our show, Arianna's grandparents babysat for us. Thank you, we were able to stop and had dinner at Baker Square (yummy for pies). When we got home, our bundle of joy was asleep and they told us that she behaved, so that is always a relief for us. She is getting better with people :)
On November 2, my mom came by and we went to the cemetery to visit my grandma ( I cannot believe it will be 3 yrs since she passed away). In this date, a lot of people celebrate the "day of death". Basically is a special day to remember those that are gone and you can do a few things such as: Make an altar where you decorate with different things that people that passed away used to like (food and drink), put pictures, sugar skeletons, etc... and two, go to the cemetery for a bit.
We had gone to the cemetery before, but unless is mother's or father's day or other important holiday, we don't see that many people so I was surprised to see a lot of them visiting. I guess I did not think others celebrated this day or it may be just coincidental..

After the cemetery, we went to IKEA and Arianna found a new friend to take home!

On November 4, we went to vote early because Mike had a bunch of meetings. Arianna was in the sling so she went to the booth with me (we used the paper style, it was faster and I guess I am a bit old fashion). It was quite challenging keeping her for taking the pen. She wanted to vote to, but we managed! (See how tired and happy she looks after doing her civic duty) :)

But no, she was not ready to take a nap yet. So, I put one of the shows that she is starting to like...Barney! I never thought I will be listening to that dinosaur, but she likes the songs... and at the same time a bomb went off (all toys just exploded in my living floor)! [She was dancing in this picture]

See, even my poor Misty jumped to the top of the recliner to protect herself!

Then, Arianna decided it was time to read a book. Lately, this book has become one of her favorites. I think I read this book about 15 times a day.

And after too much excitement, she decided to take a break in her favorite chair!
(In this picture she looks a lot like Mike and Ann, don't you think?)

And finally, I went out to get a few things that we needed, she felt asleep and I was able to take a picture of this tree (If you go back in the posts, you will see how it used to look a few weeks ago).

(On a final note for this post) No matter who would have been the President, I cannot think of a harder job right now. Everyone is hoping and expecting so much. I heard this phrase over and over : " With change, there is hope!", so I hope that the new President Barack Obama can start that process... Here is to a positive beginning.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Change time...

Well, dear Arianna used to get up at 6:45 am like a clock! Now, thanks to the wonderful daylight saving time, she wakes up at 5:45 am. I guess she still needs to learn that... I am not sure we need this, maybe is a nice tradition somewhere but I could definitely use my hour back :)