Monday, November 10, 2008

Two new things that I have not done before...

Last week, Mike had a get together with some friends from school. We met at this restaurant called African Harambee and I was not sure if I was going to like the food, but we always try it at least once. I did with sushi, which I am afraid I did not like it. I did like the California rolls and tempura. Anyway, we missed the restaurant at the first try because it was next to another restaurant and we missed their sign so we turned around and decided to park in this huge lot behind that restaurant and walked around (we knew it was around there). The parking belong to a bunch of stores. So, we are trying to get back to the street and I found this path between the restaurant that we saw early and a huge building, the path is about 2 ft wide. Of course, me being the silly girl I can be, tripped in one step that I did not see and fell like a sack of potatoes so now I scraped my knees, my hands, and hurt my chin (plus next day it felt like my entire right side had gone under a truck) so anyway it turns out that the restaurant that we were looking was next to the one we saw at the beginning.
We went in and Barb (whom I met before), Michelle, Jen, and Prof. Kilzer are already at the restaurant. So, after waiting a bit for someone else that was supposed to come we ordered our food. I decided to order spinach meat (picked chicken, but you can get beef or lamb) and it had (beside the spinach), potatoes and carrots. It came with two sauces, one mild; it reminded me of chick peas, and another one that had a kick, but it was very good. I decided to try the injera (looked like a spongy pancake-crepe shape). I liked it except when it got too saggy (in the middle of the dish, but you don't have to eat it, it is like a taco salad when you don't eat the bowl). So, I was happily surprised because I liked it so much we may go in the near future. It sucks that the restaurant is not near our place. Mike ordered a bamambo (I hope I am not misspelling). A grilled-beef with some vegetables. I cannot remember what vegetables except for green beans, but it was good.
We got to try a Kenyan beer, which I forgot the name :(. I really don't drink, but I decided to try it, it was good. They said it was light, not for me. I think I was getting sleepy. Then, dessert, yummy! A "turnover" filled with different nuts, honey, and some other things that I could not tell. It came with a vanilla scoop. So, I recommend the restaurant. Nice ambiance, and we were there until 10:20pm , we did not know they closed at 10 pm, but they did not rush us at all. That is good service, unlike Sesame Inn. We went once around 40 min. before closing and felt rush the entire meal. We had not gone back there.

And the second thing, I baked a butternut squash! I had eaten them before, but I had never bake one. It was pretty good. I used salt, butter, pepper, sugar, and ginger. It took about 75 minutes at 350 degree.
We'll see what new things come our way!