Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guilty Pleasures - Early Valentine's Day

On Friday, February 6 we celebrated and early Valentine's by going to see one of our favorite shows. Clay Jenkinson portraying Theodore Roosevelt with John Williams from WGN720 radio as a mediator / host. He also portrays Thomas Jefferson (we'd seen it twice) and he was saying that he is trying to portray Robert J. Oppenheimer, the man often remembered as the "father of the atomic bomb." He said that maybe next year will happen. I hope so, we will go see it. If you want to know more about it:
The show was excellent and lasted from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. Then, they were given autographs; they even let me take a picture. We were supposed to go to a quick dinner after the show, but by the time we got around our area (show was in Waubonsee - Sugar Grove), not much to choose from. All restaurants by 11 pm are closing and it was 10:39pm and did not want to rush. So, we went for Arianna to my sister's house. Thanks for babysitting!

So, the next day Mike had a plan and he did not tell me, but he surprised me by going to Michigan City. But first, we needed to stop and give a quick wash to our really dirty car and while waiting in line, I saw this tree with a really nice bird nest. Just the perfect spot for it too!

Also, while waiting Arianna was drawing and making lots of "o" "t" and "h"... those are her favorite sounds for letters!

Then, while inside the car wash you could tell Arianna's face was going from happy to worry to scare. I held her hand and told her that everything will be ok. She cried for 10 seconds, and then just held my hand. She was fine.

Mike drove to a restaurant in New Buffalo, MI called El Rancho Grande. It is a mexican restaurant with some tacos named Taco Duncan. They are very delicious: steak, bacon, chorizo (mexican sausage), onions, jalapeno, cilantro, homemade tortillas and a special sauce where the tortillas are dipped. So, that was our Valentine's brunch!

We stopped at OshKosh store in Michigan City to buy a few more pieces of clothing for Arianna. We are also trying the "leash" because she wants to walk everywhere. She did not like it, but she dealt with it. In the picture she found a dog and was hugging it, but the camera was not fast enough to capture the moment :(

And for our guilty pleasures... I bought Mike a pocketknife - a leatherman - since he uses it all the time and the one he had was from 10 years or so...

And he bought me a fossil bag and wallet. To be fair, I think I have about 6 bags total (bought in a 10 yr bracket), and the one that I had used for the last four years is giving in ... as for the wallet, I needed a replacement because mine broke. And he bought them at the outlet were thankfully the discounts are better! (He bought me a secret present... we'll see what it is !)