Sunday, August 23, 2009


We recently went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was not that bad, but it was still crowded and as always a few rude teenagers. But, Arianna loved the train set and the airplane. Here we are already ready to go, that is why she is in the stroller. She loves to walk or run otherwise.

Arianna loved to run on the airplane and when she saw the "TV" she sat down and started saying "tv, tv". The funny thing is that she likes the tv for the noise, not really to watch it.

Can someone tell her that calling from an airplane costs an arm and a leg?

This is an aerial shot from the second floor into their awesome train models display in the first floor. We were in the same spot for awhile because Ari wanted to see the choo choo.

Who does not like to play with lego! They have a nice exhibition about them. Look the wonderful colors. I guess if you were into modernism, that is a way to decor your house.

I took this picture in honor of Mike's old job. He used to work in the Sear's Tower long time ago now. I know it has another name now, but we still like the old name :)

If seems that everything we go to the museum, I take a picture of Mike in this same spot. So, here it is to tradition!

We went to ARIE or RIE or something along those lines (Ann or Mike knows the name). Anyway, it is a sporting store and Arianna loved this bike so much that she wouldn't come down. We stayed there for awhile, left and come back again.

Sunday breakfast was in McDonald's. They were having a party and Ari got a balloon as well. She likes to go there and jump around like a monkey, then she gets to excited and starts screaming. No low voice for this child.

I wonder if she is complaining to the big guy!

Showing some excellent moves.

Yes, daddy. I am ok. I just like to be all over the place!

In one of the get together, my friend Myrna has a nice swing/slide on her yard. I did not think that Ari could use this type yet, but she proved me wrong. Now, we have a better idea what to get her in the future.

Thanks to Tony once again for painting Mike's office. This was the second time around. The first color (painted about 3 yrs ago) was not exactly what he wanted, but this time, we got the right color.

I did not get the best shot of the doggie and the light was about to change. But, for a split second I was envious of this dog. He looked thoroughly happy to be enjoying the wind on his face. He was so excited :)