Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last weekend, I got together with some friends from my college days (Rosalva is a dear friend since high school) L to R : Me, Rosalva, Myrna, and Ana. It was a nice day for a get together. We had plenty of food and our kids enjoyed as well!

Here is a picture with our first babies. Well, I am the only one that has one. Rosy has 3 kids, Myrna has 3 kids, and Ana has 2. So, we took the picture with our oldest children. Ari was more interested in running to the slide than having a picture, so she was playing with her mouth and fidgeting like crazy.

We had not seen each other in awhile (since last year!) so we got together at this Japanese Steakhouse at Orland Park. Food was good. Friends were great. Glad to had seen them. Hopefully we can get together to go antiquing or go to thrift stores. Next time we are going for some yummy Thai!