Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Conversations with a toddler and more

Ari:  What is that sound?
Mom: I don't know
Ari: It sounds like a truck
Mom: Yes, I think you are right.
Ari:  Why is making so much noise and going around and around?
Mom: Because it is working
Ari: Ah! 

Then, she changed the subject
Ari: You like my bed? (Pointing at her toddler crib that we had tried for her to sleep on it)
Mom: Yes, it is beautiful.
Ari:  I like my bed
Mom: Oh, that means you want to sleep on it?
Ari:  mmmm, no mama that was my "old bed".

Then, she changed the subject by calling Misty...

New obsession : TAPE, TAPE, TAPE
Still fear: To cat fur... which having 3 cats makes it kind of hard not to have some around even with lots of sweeping and cleaning.
Loving Cookie Crisp Cereal!
New fave books:  The Best Cook Mouse, Foot (by Dr Seuss), A 3 series book of colors, shapes, and numbers, and a few more I can't recall right now... but daddy can add some...
Loves to dance and loves to see the record player.
Goes around "fixing" things with tape so don't be surprise if you come home and see tape here and there...
Still loves to color :)
Favorite color: purple without a doubt, but pink is close too.
Loves dresses
Loves her blue shoes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pool...and bowling

We bought Arianna a small pool because she loves water and it has been too hot to do much outside except getting wet!!

Rebecca got this little toy from McDonalds.  I gave it to her and she has been playing with it for awhile now.

Love those eyes :)  Hopefully I can get the bangs straight, it is so hard to cut her hair since she is moving all the time!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

WPP#30 - Smile!

I saw this cookie at the bakery and made me smile... Hope you smile too!!!