Sunday, September 12, 2010

52 Projects #34 - Writing letters...


I meant to write some letters a few months ago and I saw myself sitting yesterday, asking why I have not done that?  Surely I can find 10-15 minutes to at least start a few lines.  So, today I decided to sit my "rear" and write some letters that I meant to do.  There are 5 total.  The letter part is done, now I just need to do a little bundle for 3 of them.  Two of the letters are going to Honduras and Bolivia.  They are for the 2 girls that we sponsor through ChildFund if you are interested in help here is the link  .  We had been part of this organization since 2007.  I get letters and updates from the organization and from them too.  It is nice.
The other letters are for my pen pals.  Each of them are very unique and talented women.  I wish we lived closer, but at least we are getting to know each other through paper.  I feel happy that I finally finished writing them, now my brain can keep repeating me to do another thing :)