Friday, April 17, 2009

Our baby is growing...

Arianna surprised me by trying in my shoes. I heard about kids imitating adults, but it is the first time that she tried, it was very cute (besides words..)

She loves to scribble away.... Give her a pen, crayon, or anything to write with... We bought her 2 notebooks that she uses for scribbles. I know one day we might just find some type of artwork in our walls, but for now she has been very good. I tried to give her a box with 10 crayons, but she returned them to me and likes to have one crayon at a time... for now anyway.

Since she was scribbling on the floor, we tried the dining table. She likes to sit with us now, and it works, but it is a bit too big for her.

So daddy bought her her own table and chairs :) She was so excited when Mike was putting these together. She sat down, took some books and started to read and then she went for some blocks to play with.

Love this picture of Arianna. Sometimes she makes a mess that it looks like I had triplets! but she is getting better by putting a few things away... Besides, I play with her too, and for the most part we have a lot of fun.

Here is the kitty that loves to sit on top of the air conditioner, he came to the grill and was sniffing some meat I am sure...

It looks like it is saying to me "You caught me!". I sometimes leave a can of cat food around since I don't know if it belongs to someone or is a stray, but she likes to sit "by me". It sees me while I am typing from the air conditioner.

"My" squirrels cannot complain, we fed them quite well... the other day I had not put anything out for them - and it came to the post and reminded me :)
This is a new neighbor to the backyard. Hello, bunny!

And I also have about 2-3 robbins in my backyard, I love their color... I always think is funny how they walk to you as in this is my place, but if you get to close they fly away...

P.S. Arianna LOVES the backyard, sometimes I have a hard time trying to make her go inside!