Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Dave

Wishing you lots of happiness and enjoy your birthday day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Pictures + Arianna's Pictures

Here is when Dave and Tiffany just got home and the kids were getting familiar... Of course they liked two things: Ball and George!

We ordered from Pappy's some broasted chicken and potatoes and potato and pasta salad + some bread.

Nice moment between dad and daughter. Mike was about to open presents. We usually open presents before cake since we are pretty full after the meal!

Ezri just chilling... No flash, please!

Mike was happy with all his gifts. Thank you, everyone!

Mike likes monkeys so I had a monkey face on the cake. The cake was bought from a lady that sells from her house. It was pretty good.

Yeah, that is George. We may have to find one for the trip...

Love this picture because it reminds me of one picture when she was about 6 months and she did the same pose.

Still likes her rocking chair. She loves to put her bear on the chair when not in use, but if she wants it, the poor bear goes flying.

She loves all stuff animals, I took a few pictures when she was hugging and kissing her small bear.

One of her "new" favorite toy is the abacus.

Oh, and she loves cheese. She is able to eat it by herself now. Well, I always keep an eye...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So, here it is, my daddy's birthday! We love you very much and we hope you enjoy your party today!

Pre-Birthday for Mike and Carlos

On Saturday we went to my sister's to celebrate Mike's and my brother's (Carlos)birthday. We had so much food between the tamales, flautas, Long John Silvers and many cakes our stomachs were about to explode! Thanks to everyone for making a very nice celebration! [Alma send me the pictures, I forgot my camera :( ]