Friday, October 30, 2009

Pajamas, shoes and Fall!

This is one of Ari's pajamas! She has a new routine: teeth cleaning, check pamper, say goodnight to Papa, find a blanket, go upstairs for pajama change, lay down on the pillow while accommodating rabbit and cat to be near her, fixing the blankets + the blanket for face/ neck, mama saying I love you and good night plus a meow or some grrr sound, turn off light. Yups, that is the routine for now.

New shoes! We bought two pairs, her feet keep growing! Well, the winter the boots are her first pair ever and they are needed for this winter. The other pair you see in the picture was the first pair that Ari picked by herself! Mike showed her different shoes, many were sent back to the shelf until this pair. She loves them!

When I think of fall, I think of apples and pumpkins (these apples were the ones picked last weekend!)... also I think of the new job I started... hardest part... to leave Arianna, but she is doing great. Thank you for your help!. The job itself is in a lab, so far so good...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our first apple picking with Arianna!

On Saturday we went to Garwood on Indiana to pick some nice apples. The place was almost deserted it since it was a very chilly, windy, cold day, but the kids loved it. They kept saying "apples, lots of apples, where are apples? I don't see them (looking for the ones in the trees, not in the floor)". Overall, the place still have many types of apples to choose from: Cameo, Fuji, Golden delicious, granny smith, and two other that the names escaped me right now. The cost was good, 85 cents per pound and you can mix the apples. All were the same price. They also sold some pumpkins, had a small maze for the kids. Nice. Afterward, we stopped at their store where they sell even more stuff: bake goods (bought an apple pie with honey crisp apple and caramel - yummy), many preserves - blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, peach, pineapple..., honey, many vegetables and fruits, frozen fruit, some pasta. Nice store. Here are some pictures of the adventure!

This is a super nice apple tree, look the yummy colors in the apples!

I love the next two pictures, what do you think?

After the store we stopped at a nearby antique store where we found a piggy and something for the Lionel O train so we bought those two things for mom and dad for their anniversary! The store was big and we looked around then we went to Culver's since Mike was very hungry and that pretty much was our day for today. We are thinking next year we are going to go blueberry picking when the days are not as cold!

Girls dinner out!

On Friday, my friends Tiffiney, Leigh Ann, and I went to a new restaurant in Chinatown. It is called Cafe Hoang (232 W Cermak - same block as the fire station) and it specializes in Vietnamese food with some Thai food as well (lesser amounts). I saw a Check, please episode and that is where I heard/saw about this restaurant the first time. So, we decided to give it a try.
I forgot to take some pictures of the crab Rangoon, but they were delicious and big. They were 4 for $4.95. The spring rolls (same price) were good, although I liked the crab Rangoon better (Can't compare with fry food I suppose, haha). The Thai Ice Tea was good as well (but 3.50 a piece). For the main entrees, we ordered a Vietnamese plate with beef and shrimp and an egg roll (7.95)- really really good, a shrimp and chicken stir fry (10.95)- good as well, and a ginger chicken cooked in a clay pot (9.95)- just yummy. So, at the end of the day, it was about 20dls (taking into account tips and taxes) but well worth it, we are definitely going back. And to top it off, we had an amazing server and great conversations. Thank you!