Friday, October 16, 2009

A bit of gripping...

As many of you know, I have been going to the dentist for the last 4 months, although it feels more like an eternity by now. I always had troubled with teeth. I guess I did not get the best genes in that regards. I tried to do all the things that I can - brushing, flossing, listerine, etc..I mean I still have most of my teeth, and I'd been able to save some by doing a root canal and crown. But, I don't recall the last time I had so many issues at once. The funny (if I can call it that) thing is that before Ari, I went to the dentist and I had one cavity. That was it. Almost two years later, 4 teeth need serious work and thanks to a wisdom tooth, two teeth are out (the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it). So, hopefully I am at the end of this not so nice road and the last crowns will go in, and the pain from the extractions as well. But, that is not what I am gripping about. That is life, and I know that the pain will be gone eventually one way or another :) My gripping is about dental insurance.
I had used the dental insurance in the past, especially for a tooth cleaning, but not much than that. Did not need to. But, this year I went over the amount they can pay. So, we had to pay out of packet quite a bit. I guess I could have gone to Mexico and get a trip + dental stuff and maybe be the same as here. It is ridicule the costs for dental issues. Not that insurances care about that. Why they don't see that I did not need to use the insurance for a long time and now that I did cover some more? or just be fair to the amount that they will give you per year taking into account the amount of teeth that we have and how much it costs to save each of them. So, now that I have 2 teeth gone, I need to consider to put an implant. Not so much for cosmetic purposes, thank God they are in the back. But, to avoid my jaw line to be affected. Does insurance cover that? Nope. Out of pocket if I want it. So, there goes my end of gripping. Something needs to be changed to medical and dental benefits, and that is considering that I am lucky to have insurance in the beginning :( how about the poor souls that cannot get some?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Have an awesome time in your birthday Grandpa! We love you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye swing...and a "house" for Jack

Here is my first try to make sopes. Mike liked them. I need to add some more spice into the chicken, but overall for first try I was happy with them. Of course I took a shot of Mike's sopes and he does not like sour cream or chipotle or too much cheese so it does not have all the colors that mine had. The green stuff is not cilantro (did not have any) but I put some yummy spinach instead.

This dolly should be with Ann if she went to her parent's house to see dancing with the stars. I loved Melissa's Charleston the best! Sorry Aaron Carter that lambada was to die for (and not in a good way).

See, my daughter will show you how you need to move. I liked him better two weeks ago.

We ordered a kit about 3-4 weeks ago and came yesterday. Here is Mike putting in together. If Arianna misbehaves, that is going to be time out! hehe, just kidding. This is a kitty condo for Jack. We are hopeful that by being in the first floor will help get the introductions faster, plus if it gets too cold in our basement, he can sleep there until all 3 cats can live together. Hopefully, it will be soon.

We let both of our cats go inside and to get used to see it. It was funny their reactions, Betsy went in and sat down for awhile and that was pretty much.

Misty jumped around and gave me a look of let me out sooner than Betsy. But, they are ok with it now, so Jack is coming today for a try out and see what happens.

First batch of donation gone, gone... I can't believe I still have a hard time letting go of some things from Arianna's first year. I am keeping a few items like her first pair of shoes, or a hat that I remembered on her, etc... But, it was still hard even the stuff that she did not wear or worn very little. Ask Mike, I still have the portable crib in our room and she has been sleeping in her big crib since she was 4 months. I am getting ready to put it away :)