Monday, July 19, 2010


It was a busy weekend... on Saturday we went to a picnic and then we went to Gardwood's Orchard to buy some fruit and honey.  It is not cheap nor more expensive than Jewel so we prefer to help the small business plus their fruit is delicious.  We wanted to pick whatever fruit was in season, but it was TOO HOT to do it.  So, we just bought quite a bit including those apple cinnamon donuts!
Then, we went to an antique store in La Porte, IN.  It is one of my favorites and found quite a bit to buy. I'll post some of the goodies later.
So, here are some of the favorite things that Arianna likes right now.  The vanity that her aunt and uncle bought her.  She puts on there the stuff that she uses quite often like her owl and colorful cups, the big cup has her brushes and Charly that was on the floor when I took this picture.

In a side note, we had banned Ni Hao Kai Lan!! She was watching an episode yesterday and there was one of the characters having lots of tantrums and angry issues, yes they were trying to teach him to relax and such, but Ari only understood the first part and today she was acting exactly like him, tone of voice, sentences, the whole thing... and for the few episodes that I'd seen this character is always getting angry and until Arianna can understand the whole concept, this program  is bye bye!  Thank God she is back to her normal self, but no more Tooey or Toolee or whatever name... :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

52 Projects - Week #26 Amigurumi Punk Bear!


I went back to one of my favorite hobbies and that is to make little crocheted animals called Amigurumis! I have not done this in awhile...I did this for a new penpal... if I can hide it long enough before my daughter tries to take it away again :) Yes, I am making one for her since she liked it so much.
The first two pictures there is no mouth and nose yet, but I was too tired already.  Today, I finished it.  It always amazes me that even though it is tiny (about 3.5in) it takes quite a bit to make, but love them anyway.  How about that hair? I think that is why my lovely liked it.  She even posed for me without asking...