Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"It takes a village to raise a child..."

I had heard that phrase/ quote awhile back, well back when I did not have any children.  Now, I can really understand it after three years of wonderful and sometimes challenging parenthood.  What can we say about year number 3?
I can start by saying that her cognitive development has exploded tremendously.  She talks in full sentences and not like a parrot.  She makes her sentences according to what is going around her.  Like the other day she said to me:
 "Let's open the polka dot present." Once we opened it.
"What is this letter", she said.
 "I don't know", I said.
"It looks like me that the letter is a g, a big G", she said.
" I think you are right", I said.
She had a huge smile because she knew her letters.

Yes, she knows all the letters, numbers up to about 27, can count backwards, lots of shapes, recognizes her name and knows that her name starts with an A.  She knows lots of colors.  Loves to say stories and to be told stories.  It has exploded.  Now, with that explosion comes her realization that she has to follow some rules.  Yes, toddlers do not like to follow too many rules.  So, we got a few tantrums here and there.  Thank God it was not that bad, but I hear that "terrible 3's" are worst than "terrible 2's".  I guess God willing we will know if it is true.

So here is the list of things that Arianna liked this year: (Not in order)

1.  TAPE. TApe. TaPe. tape. TapE.  Anyway you write it.
2.  To fingerpaint.
3.  Books.  Those are still one of her favorites.  Her imagination has reached a new level.
     Dr. Suess's Books.  The crayola box (book).  Tales of Peter Rabbit and Peter Cottontail and the           Valveteen's Rabbit.
4.  Softies.  Purple Dog.  Blue squirrel.  Charly Bear.  Fisherman's Bear.
5.  Dollhouses.
6.  Gum balls.
7.  Colors.
8.  Swing.
9.  Playing with Grandma.
10.  Purple dressers, purple shirts, purple pants.
11.  Little Bear.  Wow Wow Wubbzy. Team umizoomi.
12.  Jamie's Birthday Card. (musical)
13.  Beginning to like puzzles (more pieces)
14.  Little pony.
15. Legos.


1.  "I can't see  it, but I know is in there"
2.  "I can't go to bed now Papa.  I need to wait for the moon"
3.  "There is no vacation for mamas"
4.  "It is ok mama".
5.  "I love my cousins".

And I will end with a Thank You to everyone that has helped us one way or other to continue to be the best family that we can be.  And I promised the next post will be about her birthday party :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WPP #35, 36, 37 - So late...

I took the pictures but I don't have set up a good system to process them.  I ask Mike to help me out so I can streamline it and post my pictures faster :)  anyhow, here are the pictures from those weeks.
I am obsessed with fat quarters!  Maybe because I love to make  Stuffies? or I have deeper psychological need to make a quilt?  ;) 
Meat.  We had a great feast at my sister's birthday.  I have lots of pictures, but I have not done the blogging yet.  I am so behind in many things that had passed.  I will try to blog a few entries, even if I am late!
This little cutie is a squirrel made from recyclables sweaters!  My daughter likes it a lot. I think is a great idea.  To use something that otherwise would have gone into the forgotten boxes under your stairs or sitting in a thrift store forever... The blue part is the sweater and it is soooo soft. 

52 Projects - #35 A whole lot of bears...


For this week the project was a continuation of two weeks ago.  I made ""Firsherman's bear" as a test.  After much thinking, going back and forth, I decided to modify it a bit... No big nose, no mouth, just some nice button eyes!  I tried to use some nice prints that really did not require much more. It took me 3 days and the day before the party I had the help of my mom and sister (Thank you!!) I mean after cutting 17 bears and sewing them, the stuffing part is where I was.  I think all the kids were happy with their bears.  I got 2 request for "big kids" as well.  So, I am doing a few more this week. 

(The letters from my previous project will be mailed no later than Wed.  I am accounted for now ;)  )

Arianna's 3rd Birthday!

The reason this blog was started to begin with has just turned 3!  I cannot believe how fast time is flying, I wanted to put a little entry yesterday, but was too busy with the party.  So, here is just a quick pick from the birthday girl and I will follow with a more lengthy entry later :)

Happy Birthday Sweetie!