Crafty Corner & Foodie Pals

Foodie Pen Pal September - ALEXIS

My sweeth tooth had a huge blast with the goodies that I got from my foodie pen pal Alexis. In the first picture you know you are getting pop corn and fudge, but I still did not know what goes inside the 3rd box.

The fudge was eaten by everyone in the house.  Who can resist chocolate (ok, besides one nephew of mine)?

Honey doodles! Yes, an assortment of candies.  My favorite was a Bit- Of- Honey!

But, my far...this Hayward Mix was delicious.  My husband and I ate it in one seating and in record time.  I don't care for "regular" pop corn, but this mix I loved and plan in order some more.I would have never thought that and I would have not tried it otherwise!

So, thank you Alexis for the great experience!


Foodie Pen Pal August -MELANIA

USPS did a number in my foodie pal's box, but luckily only one item was lost - a green salsa.  It looked really good so I may consider going to Whole Foods and see if I can find it.  But the goodies that I got where delicious.  Everything is gone now, except for some honey.  I have to pace myself so I have something to add to my bagel or bread in the mornings!

This is what I got:

1. Honey!  It is really good - Ambrosia Honey Co. from Colorado.  It has tiny particles (as they said) of bee wax because it is not filtered, but the taste is amazing.

2.  Oat Bar - Coconut flavor was really good.

3. Chocolate Almond covered - The dark chocolate was the right balance of flavor with the nuttiness of the almond.

4.  And my favorite, the Blue Corn chips from Food Should Taste Good Brand.  Awesome!

I meant to take more pics, but really I ate it too fast to even remember.  At least I got a shot before I decided to eat it all :)

Thanks Melaina!


Foodie Pen Pal July -KATE

I guess I was in a very sweet tooth... and my foodie pal Kate, could have not been more perfect! Look at this beautiful Hello Kitty tape:)

How about the super nice box that she sent me?  My daughter and I were "fighting" for the box and finally told her that we can either put her Little Pet Shops or the crayons /.colors, etc... We have not decided yet...

We are sure enjoying the box of goodies! Just look what I got:

1. Potato Chips covered with chocolate.
2. Sunflower seeds covered with chocolate.
3. Pomegranate cover with chocolate.
4. Mango strips.
5. Chocolates.
6. Roll-up fruit.

The good thing is that we don't have to hurry and eat all at once and I can actually share with my family (well, maybe not the mango strips because those are almost gone) and so is the roll-up fruit.  But the chocolate, I am eating a little at a time.  Plus, my cats got to enjoy the box too.  Well, Jack and Betsy.  Jack gave me the look of "I am not doing anything" and Betsy kept trying to figure out what the strings where...but Misty, what was Misty doing?

Yeah, that is Misty all right....

I am sure she was thinking "Let me sleep...what is all this commotion? Thanks Kate for everything. Now, I am going to go to Trader's Joe and see what else they sell  :)


Foodie Pal - June!!

The first time that I joined the Foodie Pal exchange was not great. The box that was sent to me was lost and I never got a package. Needless to say I was very sad and I decided not to try it again.  A month went by and I thought maybe I should try again, how unlucky I can be? There are about 900 persons and as far as I could tell I was the only one that was unlucky besides the idea is great and promising.  So, with all my doubts I decided to give it one more try.
This time I was paired with Kate a Culinary Advisor in Milwaukee, WI for The Spice House.

She sent me four things to try:
1. Hickory Sticks Sausage.
2. Vulcan's Fire Salt.
3. Curry Seasoning.
4. Fig preserves

I love the sweet and savory combination of the theme.  The Vulcan's Salt was one of my favorites.  And she was right, it enhances the popcorn's flavor.  Will keep this one in my pantry. I have not tried the curry yet, but I have two recipes that I want to try soon. Love the sausages, but the fig preserve is my second favorite. With bread, with some cheese.  It was just delicious.  Thank you for the wonderful box!