Friday, February 20, 2009

My new Artist!

The secretary desk that we bought at IKEA, has worked wonderfully for us. Arianna loves to seat with any of us to "type" and she manages to do things that we are not even sure how she did it!

My usual nature photography... This is a younger squirrel that manages to climb around my kitchen window and eats the suede that I put for the birds. I put enough that I don't mind that he/she eats some. The other day I saw a squirrel that had an ear cut in half due to a bad bite so I feel sorry for them even though in the summer they tried to eat my green tomatoes!

Arianna likes letters and we bought a set of magnet letter awhile back, she knows "o" "m" "h" and "p"... Then, I am trying to find a way for her to start scribbling in a place where it does not matter if she goes outside the line (the crayons are washable anyway) so I tried the fridge which worked for about 3 minutes until she wanted a different page. I guess I can tape more than the 2 pages that I did, but we might just buy her an easel soon....

Arianna posing with her masterpiece... well, then she destroyed it too. Next time, I will put it away faster...
She likes to seat in the sofa now, and takes her "bigger alphabet". It is a magnet set as well, but they are too big and they fall from the fridge so she plays with them on the sofa.

I finished a bear that I will be sending to Miya (a new baby from Dan and Beaulah). I know she is too little for the bear, but it was done with lots of love...

And I just love her smile in this picture!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Murphy's Law!

Well, I guess the score is house 4 - us 0!

Yes, for those of you that do not know a few weeks ago our patio doors broke. We were lucky that we were able to close it enough that we can wait to get a replacement!

house 1 - us 0

Then, we realized that the front window is broken as well and had a horrible leak, you can feel a breeze when you seat near...

house 2 - us 0

Then, today the bathroom in the first floor decided to give us a run for our money...literally, and it flooded so it is not working. We tried to fix it, but we could not so a plumber will be coming to fix it...

house 3 - us 0

and with the flooded bathroom, we had a cascade going to the basement! So, we had to rip a good chunk of carpet, and now we need to rip the rest and replace it. We are doing the square tiles so if this happens in the future (hope not) we need to take only those tiles. But for now, it looks like a bomb went in our basement...

house 4 - us 0

I hope we get a reprieve! I mean we knew by leaving our old "new " house to come to our "new" old house, we will have some stuff to fix, and don't get me wrong we still love our house, the yard, the location, our neighbors, but can we get a project at a time? Please house, next time - only one project at a time!