Thursday, July 2, 2009

My cousin Glenn turned 3!

Have a great birthday! Enjoy your day and your presents too :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Events ...3 (Mommy's Birthday)

On Saturday, June 27th, we made a party for my mom (even though her birthday is the 28th), and all our family was present. You can see my grandpa and grandma relaxing outside.

We had pizzas from Barraco's Pizzas. We ordered a Sicilian Sausage, a Hawaiian, a plain cheese, a pepperoni, and a deep dish pizza with mushrooms. We also had two huge salads and chips. Lots of sodas, and 4 different kinds of beer for the adults.

Thank God for a long driveway, so at least 3-4 cars can fit and there is still some other areas to park.

Here is my Aunt Eli, what a nice smile!

This picture of my cousin Raven came out nicely. Don't you think? Her sister is in the background playing with the big ball.

Here is my Uncle Tony playing ball with the kids. Cool.

At one point, there were all 7 kids playing on the grass. It is amazing to realize how many kids are in the family now. Long ago, it was only my Uncle Carlos.

Ann and Bob chilling after eating some yummy food. I wish we had better weather. It was too hot, but from time to time we had some nice breezes coming along.

Logan (on your left) and Glenn were playing with the rings. They played for quite awhile. It was nice to see.

Mommy had the greatest idea - Water Balloons - but they went out soooooo quickly that we decided to use the hose. Anyway, the day called for it. My Aunt Alma hold it for awhile, then it was my Aunt Eli until we were soaked. (Well, I was not... since I had woken up and was still a bit grumpy).

But, my cousins were all wet! Phoenix, Glenn, Logan, and Raven.

Maybe next year the count down will be backwards, but for now it is still 36! Those cakes flew. I think we devoured them in less than 1/2 hr. The one in the left was a Tiramisu cake and well, you can see the whole chocolate cake in the right.

I approved! How delicious. I wanted from both cakes and I was not grumpy anymore. Who can be grumpy with cake!

Here is my mommy, I stole her cake too. Yummy!

My "Abue" with my cousin Scarlett and Santana eating cake as well. Everyone loved it.

A nice family portrait of my Uncle Carlos, Aunt Eli, Cousins Raven and Scarlett. At this point, everyone had lots of sugar and food. It was a very nice day.

Oh, how wonderful.

But at this point, I was a very tired baby and wanted to go in. Almost everyone had gone home too. I was ready to hit my bed as well.

The next day on the 28th, my grandparents stayed with me while my dad took my mom to Casa Margaritas on Orland Park. Happy Birthday Mommy!

Events ...2 (Phoenix's Birthday)

My grandma, my cousin Santana after eating some nice Boston Market. We were just resting.

And we were also playing, here is my cousin Logan and Raven. We were going around the couch. Circles. Circles.

Birthday Boy and his mommy. Taken before the cake. We were all waiting for his cake at this point.

Here we are singing happy birthday to Phoenix. We had a Strawberry Shortcake. Very delicious.

Kids love to cut their cake, and Phoenix is not the exception.

So excited about his presents... he asked for a "World Destroyer Robot" and we got him a duplicate (My brother also bought one similar, but he also had a Bumble Bee). But, since Logan loved it as much. My sister decided to keep both.

This one is for Evelyn. I think you are seeing the next generation of Batman's Fans. Logan loves to wear his mask.

Events ...1 (Father's Day...)

A past blog entry I had said that I had someone stealing my bulbs and seeds... the other day I finally saw who was the culprit! But, as much as sometimes I roll my eyes, and sigh... then I don't feel as bad when I see that this poor guys had worse things to worry than me. Just check the next picture.

It is a Chicken Hawk, and for what I was reading their favorite food are squirrels. Thank Goodness my thief was able to hide. (I know nature's cycle, I just don't want to see it so close and personal).

Here is another bird visiting my yard... first I thought it was a Purple Finch, but I am not 100% sure.

On Father's Day, we went to Ann's house where she kindly hosted the event. We bought her a nice piece of art from Etsy, and we found a cool frame at Michael's. Here are my 2 sweeties holding the final product the night before.

And here is Ann, after Mike gave it to her :) We are glad that she liked it!

Grandpa opening his presents with the help of his lovable granddaughter.

Before going to Ann's house, for father's Day Breakfast , we had a nice omelet, some yummy pancakes, and a hot cup of tea!

And in Ezri's update. She is doing wonderfully. Ann and her had bonded really nicely, and she loves to have the entire house to herself. Nice big, airy windows, and a nice hallway to go from one side to the other.

Here is a picture of my next amigurumi that I made for a friend. It is a small scale turtle. What do you think?

The other day Arianna was drawing with her crayons when she saw an empty bottle, what is a girl to do, but to try to stuff every single crayon in there.

Of course, after she figure out a way to get them out (by rocking the bottle hard) she kept doing this activity for quite some time. Laughing all through. Then, she realized that her hands were "dirty" and started saying, "Oh, no. Oh, no." And went back to business.

Here Ron, in honor of your Krispy kream Donuts. She looks so cute.

Ari's favorite thing lately is to sneak and play with our laptop. I found a site from Noggin - Jack's Musical Show where they have lots of musical videos. She dances a lot to it, so I let her sit for awhile.

New thing - Holding a blanket. Thank God does not have to be one in particular. So, we have about 4-5 blankets going around between the 1st and 2nd floors, and the car.