Friday, September 19, 2008

Where is the newspaper?

See what happens when you forget the newspaper on top of the chair! Somehow appeared on the floor and the sofa, and as you can see she was trying to go through the sales.

She actually took some of the newspaper from the floor to the sofa and started to read to me and to tell me this lovely story. She was very engaged in this activity, but it was a bit messy! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Arianna!

The day has finally come when our baby is no longer a "0 year old". Now, we just have to wait until 10:46 pm (the time she was born). We are so happy and proud to have such an angel with us even when sometimes she does not let us sleep much :) Happy Birthday Ari!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming to a year... (Part 3)

First visit to IKEA. Since this picture was taken, we had gone back to IKEA a few times and she loves the store. Although the mac-n-cheese that they sell did not meet her standards. It was the first time she did not eat it, and she loves cheese!

Test driving for a walker. After using the exersaucer for a few months, we realized she did not want to be confined in one space so we went to the stores and she tried three different walkers. The one in the picture is the one that she liked the best. We still use it and while she is riding (running sometimes) in it, I can do a few times without worrying that she may get in to much trouble.

Do you think that she loves the swing? We went to the park a few blocks from our house a couple times a week and I finally took my camera. As you can see, she was so happy; you can even see her bottom teeth. (At this point, she had 4 teeth already.)

Crawling time! This is the first time that she lifted her tummy and went a few feet forward! She was about 7 months.

This was her second time to the zoo. The first time we went to the Brookfield Zoo because Mike had an assignment, but we only stayed at the monkey site. This time we went to the zoo in Michigan City and went around. So, she enjoyed much better.

We went to TN twice in her first year, in March when she was six months and in July when she was ten months. I think she enjoyed both times, but the second time she was more alert and did not want to sleep by herself in her crib!

Before mommy's birthday I went to a few birthday parties: Dad, Dave, Tiffany, Scarlett, Phoenix, Glenn and Logan... wow! Here I am with my mom and my cousin Glenn, we are trying to help her open her presents faster :)

This was her first pool experience with her new bathing suit. It was at Glenn's birthday party in July. She loves water, so I did not think she was going to cry. She loved it and enjoyed playing with some of the toys. Who knows, maybe she will be a swimmer...

Ari has a lot of pets! We have two cats (Penny - our third cat - passed away last thanksgiving and we still missed her so much ), but we still have Betsy and Misty. I am sure they will appear in some of the future photos. Here are 2 of the 4 rescued gerbils. Galinda our previous gerbil passed away in June so we went to Animal Welfare League and found a mother with three gerbils (2 girls - 2 boys) so we adopted them. In the picture, you are seeing Geordi and Data (males). We also have Esmeralda and Sophie. As you can guess, we have them in separate houses (males and females) because we do not need more gerbils right now!

There were so many things that happened in one year, but it will be impossible to do all of them in here. Regardless I hope you can enjoy the ones that I was able to put in here. Now, I can pretty much start with a new September - a new year -. Let's see what is coming together!