Saturday, June 20, 2009 is.

Mom: Ari, you need socks... (Ari is walking to her room to get them- I am behind her).
She gets distracted by a toy. I get to the drawer first. She follows fast once she sees me opening the drawer. I pick a pair of pink socks. Ari takes at the same time a pair of purple socks.

Ari: purple socks

Mom: We need pink. Purple does not match what you are wearing. (I take the purple socks from her and put them back, while giving her the pink socks.

Ari: No. (Picks the purple socks again. Does not take the pink ones from my hand)

Mom: How about beige?

Ari: No.

Mom: White?

Ari: No.

Mom: Brown?

Ari: No. Mama. Purple. Purple.

Mom: Purple... it is.

One determine baby...toddler. Well, I was not going to argue for socks :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ari and a straw bottle

Arianna decided to give it a try for good. She is switching to bottles with straw... It has been about 2 weeks now, and she can drink with no problem. She just pointed to it, I figure I give it a try, showed her how and that was pretty much it. Although, I think pretty soon, she is going to move into an "adult cup". Gosh!

My day lilies and Asiatic lilies are coming now...

I found this very tiny bird. It likes to eat from my honeysuckle, but it not a hummingbird...