Monday, November 17, 2008

German Pancake and nature

On Sunday, we decided to try our luck by baking a German Pancake. Our first try to make the mix, I messed up because I read cup instead of teaspoon. I don't know how I did that :( So, we had to throw it away, too much cinnamon and vanilla in there. Our second attempt, Mike kept an eye and we were able to get the right portions and after 25 minutes here is our result. This is not a dish you eat too often. Has lots of eggs and butter, but it was really good especially when we added the maple syrup. We did not have confectioner's sugar so we used sugar cane instead.

This little birdie came to drink! That is a bit of water that was on the chair. We are going to try to buy a small fountain that can keep water running (no freezing) during the winter. After her, there were more birds trying to drink as well.

I also went to an art fair that was raising funds for the Evergreen Pantry. It was an exhibition of drawings, paintings, photography, pottery, woodworking, and cake decorations. Some of the stuff was for sale, but the items left on Sunday where mostly for show (Not For Sale). The event was for 3 days and I went the last hour so I am guessing most of the things that you could buy were gone by then, but I still found really nice things to see. The entry fee was "a suggested 2 dollars" that was going to the pantry.
I wish the little toaster was for sale :( It was so cute and brought me memories of my brother when he was little. He loved that movie.

I did buy this picture. My picture can't tell you how nice it is, but you can see the photographer that took it. She is a mom of 2 that uses photography as her outlet and business. (There was a second photographer that took nature pictures, but I did not take pictures from his work. If you would like to see he has some posted on - then type his name -Adam Bykowski)

There was a lady that makes cakes (Caketopia the name of her business). They looked so good I wanted to eat it. The prices were not bad either. We might try her in the future.

I think this girl has a lot of talent (Hadley). She looks to be in first or second grade on College. I wish I could afford some of these things, maybe next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arianna has a molar!

So, the first molar in the right side is out! I had tried to take a picture, but I had not been successful. I'll keep trying really hard :)
In other Arianna's news, she loves to play with the curtains. Rolls herself like a taco and then goes boo when I am sitting in the dining room. I guess it is a version of peekaboo! I am trying to stop her from doing it, mostly because I don't want the curtains to fall down on her, but she does not pull them, just roll them when I am next to her...

Daddy came home with his DNA lab results! I think he used wheat and you could see the helix very clearly, but then Arianna wanted to see it and shook it and goodbye DNA helix!

The boppy (pillow) I used it when I was breastfeeding, but we really did not use it for her to sleep or something like that. Our cats are the ones that used the pillow. Recently, I had caught her playing or relaxing with it. I think she learned from the kitties.

It has gotten cold enough that she started using her new coat. We were getting ready to go get some pampers! You cannot run out of pampers...

Arianna has started to like dolls and bears. In this picture, she has a bear that I bought a few months ago. My sister and I had gone to Marshalls and I saw the bear in a small corner and I thought how "ugly-cute" the bear was so I bought it. It did not have a tag and I got a good deal for it (I am guessing not many people wanted it ). Arianna did not care for the bear then, but she loves it now. She hugges and kisses the bear and that is soooooooo cute.

This is a picture that I like a lot. Daddy reading a book to Arianna is a common thing in our house. As anyone that comes to visit, once Arianna warms up to you, you are doom to read a book over and over! Sometimes, we feel like hiding after reading Peter Cottontail for the 20th time in a row or Humpty Dumpty for the millionth time, but I know we will cherish these moments.