Sunday, April 11, 2010

52 Projects #12 - The beginning of two projects and the end of one.


I am afraid that I could not take pictures because my battery needed to be recharge, but there are two projects that took some of my time this week.  I joined a Swap Craft and I needed to start the stuff that I am going to make since I need to do about 30 of something I could not get too glamorous meaning too lengthy.  I decided to live in a Felt world.  I kind of went crazy and bought almost if not every color I saw and after drawing many ideas that came to my mind I think I settle down in 2 different ones. Next week you will see pictures of all of it.... I am in a Felt world for sure!

My second project is another loom scarf with a different stitch... I am about 1/4 done!

And I am very excited about this super long project that I am doing the cleaning of the last stitches, yeah!  Can't put pictures yet, but very soon.  I cannot believe I am about 98% done :)

So, sorry for no pictures... but  this week was full of get together with so many awesome people.  In oone of those days, we went bowling with Ari and she loved it.  I did not take my camera, but Mike managed to use his phone so as soon as those are downloaded I will share at least one.  She was so great and just loved it.  She made me smile so much that day.  Those are the moments that fill my life with joy and I love when I can embrace those moments totally. Who knows maybe she will be a great bowler!
Have a great weekend!


"Our" Cardinal found a partner!  Must be Spring Love :)  They seldom are together to take a picture.  They are nearby, but never in the same frame except for this shot...then they flew apart again.  They seem to like the bird feeders that we put in front of the house.