Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Outing to an antique show and Michigan City

Our day started by going to the Antique Expo Show at Valparaiso, IN.  Here is the place!  My sister asked Mike what do you wear to this places? Mike's answer:  "Clothes".  So silly.
My sister found two things that she liked a lot.  Both were for the hair.  One was a feather band, and the other one she has in her hand.
The proceeds were going for the Mental Health Association in Porter County.  It was a nice cause.
They were a lot of vendors.  Lots of jewelry and older books. One booth did have all kinds of barbies in boxes.

Then, we went to Long John Silvers.  It was very good.  Very fresh and quick which was good because we were starving.   Arianna found this pirate's hat and we took turns at it.  We made faces and funny noises all to Arianna's delight!

She wanted us to say "grrrrrrr" and she will scream as she was scared and then laughed out loud.  We repeated this a few times.

She was getting ready to leave.  It was all fun, but it was time to go to the mall.  I liked their sign below!

It was a rainy day, but at least it stopped for awhile so we did not get too wet.
I did something that I don't do very often.  I bought some Bare minerals make up.  I figure I would give it a try when I go out...

Then, we stopped at Rue 21.  My sister loves this store.  I don't.  For one, it is too noisy, too crowded and small, and they don't have my size.  I am just too big for them.
 But, we did stop at one store that I go to for time to time... Fossil.  I bought a new bag!

I like this perfume.  It was DiaNoche by Daisy Fuentes.  Well, I don't know if I like the perfume as much as the bottle itself....

Mike liked this glasses.  Maybe he wanted some guinness.  He has not drink one in a long time...
And these are the goodies that I found at the Antique Show:

A bottle of buttons!  I'd been liking buttons now.  I think I got that from my Grandma!

Two really cute books

and a box of all Greetings Cards (which was my favorite).  It said things like: Happy Returns, You both are certainly justified, I'm not one for long orations, some gals are cute, we're still in swell condition, until you are up and well... I'll be beside myself... That is so cool :)

And that ended our day for today :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out with friends..

Mari (on the left ) and Rosalva talking about something very interesting...
Lubia is getting ready to receive her second baby! Good luck Lubia! 
Had to put pictures of the 2 desserts that we got a Maya del Sol restaurant located at 144 S Oak Park Ave., in Oak Park.  It was good, but the portions were too small for my liking! ;)

Arianna in motion!

Arianna was waiting for dad when he came from work!  Hi daddy!
Waiting anxiously for her swing to be done!  You know how hard it is to wait for something that you love so I decided to entertain her outside.  So, we run for awhile.  Here are some of the shots:

Then, she found a stick... she is fond of sticks....especially so she can do what she has done every summer... (poke holes in my pots!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Random stuff...

Isn't she adorable?  This is Misty and she had not lay down like this in long time.  Well, we did bring another cat in the house...

Remember this plant Evelyn?  It is still budding!
Mike got the pots out of the garage ready for planting... is that a hint honey?
Mike was working in the swing set... he cleaned the space in the garage, put his phone as a radio with some good songs for cheering and just work and work...
Then Arianna decided to speed the process by lending a hand... (She was sooooo excited when she realized that it was a swing.  She kept saying " I love swings") (I will post pictures of the done swing later!)

My mother has a beautiful hand when it comes to knitting and crocheting.  She is so even in her points.  Not too tight, not too loose.  I envy that (in a good way).  I wish my crocheting was as uniform as her.  I guess I need to keep practice :) Aren't these blankets beautiful?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

52 projects #8 - Photography and doodling it...


Today was a nice day to be outside.. .so nice that Mike built Arianna's swing set giving to us last fall.  He said that was his weekend project so I guess it is contagious.  Even my mother finished two baby blankets, I will post pictures of those as well in another entry.   :) But  for me, my project was to take some nature pictures (mostly birds and squirrels), I have not done that since I went back to work and realized how much I love it (again ).

Mike also refilled and bought some new bird feeders.  Here we have our first purple finch birds of the season (I can't remember for sure if they are finch, but I remember their name started with purple! )

It always amazes me how flexible this creatures can be and how cute as well.  We also try to have enough food for everyone.  I love this shot of the squirrel eating a piece of pear.
What are these birds?  Sparrows? finches?  They come each year... Need to check with my book...

And I'd never seen this one before... Deborah can you help?
I am going to trim my plants for the upcoming Spring... but here we have what will be some awesome Coneflowers and Honeysuckle Vines!

As for my doodling it, I am trying to do my own "Cloth dolls" design, what do you think? The first one is based in a girl that is not skinny, but that loves herself anyhow ;)
This drawings were from memory.  I used to draw them all the time from about 5 - 12 years old.  I wish I would have keep them since I think I was a better doodler when I was little.  I used to call the watermelon doll, maybe I used to make the face more elongated... if I knew who Jay Leno was then, I could have called them the Leno doll since I always drew a bigger chin...

I am trying to draw my cat Jack and make him into a stuffed animal and since I love owls so much, I combined both! (Oh, the doll in the corner was based in Kelly Osbourne... )

The last 2 drawings are for my daughter that loves trees that dance and blue's clues!
Had an awesome time!  (By the way, I bought a juice maker following the cue from Breen and Jane.  Now, I need to buy some yummy vegetables and fruits!  Maybe that will be a future project!)