Saturday, June 5, 2010

WPP #23 Tea Party!

This post brings the child on me totally :) This is the first tea set that Arianna loves.  She wants to "Tea party" all the time.  I loved (and still do) tea sets.  I used to get one tea set every year for the first 12- 14 years of my life.  Now, I wish I could had kept some of them.  But, hopefully I can keep this one for her.  After all, it is the first one!

What did you love when you were little?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

52 projects #19 - A haircut!


My husband hates to get haircuts... apparently this is the case since he was a little boy.  But, his hair was soooooo long that I had no choice but to try to cut his hair.  I am not a hair stylist.  The scissors and I only see each other when cutting fabric or paper! But, here it goes.

Well, it is long, right?  This is when I was getting ready to cut his hair... Arianna got a little scare and we put a cartoon that she likes so she could ignore the noise.

wow, so much hair gone... and I was just working the back part.
First shot, work in progress... second looking at lot better.
The forehead and side burns were not easy.  For the forehead since he has a widow's peak cut too much and he will have like a hole in the hair.. .for the sideburns... trying to match them is the hard part.  I got so nervous around here, but he was calm like a clam.
Done!  He started making poses too.  You are so funny, sweety.  Now, time to clean.  It looked like I grew a little monster with all the hair!

WPP#22 - My craft swap box!

I can't even remember now when I got my craft swap box in the mail, but I just took the picture yesterday with Tiffiney's help.  She rearranged all the goodies while I whipped some guacamole for our grilling day.  We had our families coming to have some arrachera, pork chops, chicharron, chicken, salsas, sour cream, cheese, white rice and the guacamole. I had planned to do a garden party awhile back, but I canceled because I was just not feeling up to it.  But, I called my mom on Thursday to tell her that I was canceling and she said no!  I am still going I made a few things already!! So, I said ok.  So, it was back on - just like that :)  So, big kuddos to my mom because the day turned out beautifully.  Thank you :)  Now, on Monday we are planting a few pots!