Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday (3)... Glenn.

Glenn's birthday was a nice picnic with great food.  I like the canopy.  It was a hot day and having coverage made it even better.
The chef grilling some chicken kabobs and burgers...

Arianna and Glenn were playing with water balloons, water guns, and balls. 
The cake was very good.  It was even hard to cut.  But, everyone wanted a slice so no choice ;)
Glenn about to blow the candle.
Opening presents.  He liked all his gifts.
Ann and Nathan gave one of the best presents. The gift of babysitting and to take Glenn out.  Their first outing will be to the zoo.  That is a wonderful gift to any parent.  :) (Could not decide which picture to put)
Oh, Apollo said present as well.  You are a beautiful Uromastyx.
All in all, it was a beautiful day to celebrate one year more.. Happy Birthday Glenn!

Birthday ...(2) Phoenix!

Phoenix's birthday was pretty nice.  He was happy.  He ate pizza and played outside.  He loves strawberry/vanilla cake.  Ari loves chocolate.  We bought both kinds :) We made both super happy.

He loves "Toy Story" the movies and what perfect timing for number 3 to come out.  So, he got toy story toys.  Have a super happy and wonderful year :)

A few birthdays...(1)

My mommy's birthday was a few days ago.  Daddy got her a cake and a nice bike to celebrate.  Now, we need to set up our picnic basket so we can go and have fun! Also, thank you to Gaby for sending her a nice bouquet of flowers.  Very nice surprise.  To Tiffiney, thank you for surprising her with a cake and some nice crafty stuff as well at her job.  To everyone else, thanks for your gifts and good wishes.  She is really happy.

WPP#27 Is it Baking time?

I realized that I don't bake during the summer... must likely because the weather is just not conducive.  But, I'd been starting to crave some baking... Maybe it is my oven that misses me :(