Saturday, June 19, 2010

WPP #25 - Earth Day.

I took this picture awhile back, but while I was searching for something else I found it.  It made me stop and consider how we are treating "earth" lately.  (well I know it has been more than lately) but for everyone sake let's hope we learn something from all the messes we are making :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

52 Project #21 A blog lift and addition of new pages!


For this 52 projects I decided to give a lift to my blog - since it has been the same for awhile.  But, I wanted to learn how to add buttons on the side for the the crafty projects that I am participating - 52 projects and 30 day journal challenge.  It turns out it was very easy (once you know how to).  So, my project went even further... a few projects before was working in adding pages to her blog.  I finally did it.  Now, I can see my weekend pictures, my 52 projects all in one page, and Arianna's artwork as well.  Go to the right side under the About me profile and see my pages :)