Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opossum, basement and Ezri

I took some nice pictures of the opossum that sometimes sleeps under our deck! It was 1-3pm and Mike had thrown away some left over onion rings and panettone. I will post them later!
In other news, we have been working really hard during Mike's week off in the basement. I guess, since we have Ezri down there, it motivated us to get "down" to business and clean! Of course, we always forget the before and after pictures, but I will take the after once we are done. We still need to organize our shelves, but they are in the right locations now and we put some nice carpet and tiles! We even made our little crafty and train corners! So, we can spend time with Ezri while doing some stuff and Arianna will have a place as well for her books and some toys :)
We gave away a lot of toys (Veteran of Vietnam and to my sister for her church) and books (to the library). We also gave away some nice knickknacks, few movies, and some other stuff I cannot even remember... I guess Tiffany had the same idea. I called ours "Winter Cleaning for Ezri".
In Ezri's news, she is an amazing kitty. She does not like to run out which is good, we are still very careful with that and we try to use the back door. We are trying to introduce her to the other two cats, Betsy is the one that is most interested. (Misty does not seem to care). So, we are hopeful, but I am not sure...

Oh, Arianna is doing a lot better. We are not sure if the fever was the teething (she has 6 coming out) or some other stomach bug... the good thing is that she is doing fine now and she loves her cats (including Ezri)!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Ann!

We want to wish you a super Birthday Day! Enjoy and relax and that next year brings a flower of opportunities, dreams, and goals!