Friday, November 27, 2009

Things that we are thankful for

1. Arianna
a. her kisses and hugs
b. her smile
c. her energy
d. That she is healthy.
e. her imagination
f. And everything else not mention :)

2. Family
a. For grandpa and grandma helping us.
b. For my sister and her phone calls.
c. For my nieces and nephews - always happy to see us.
d. For Tony always ready to give us a hand with the house.
e. For my mom in everything.
f. For everyone that has given us a kind word, a nice thought...
Family Pets
a. For our Tiger Betsy such a troublemaker and a stinker sometimes, but we still love her.
b. For our sweet Misty. Such a goofball.
c. For Jack. For putting up with Ari, no easy task. Such a gentle giant.
d. For all my gerbils. They are so cute.
and here let me say a few words about Penny -that has been 2 years (3 days ago) since she is no longer with us. I believe that she is in heaven with my Grandma. She loved my cats, she wanted to see them when she could no longer come by my house. Penny was an alpha cat, no doubt. But, she was fair and sweet and very vocal. She used to wake us up at 5 am rain or shine. Your presence is always missed.

3. Friends
Everyone that has shared our good and not so good moments. Thank you.

Thank you God.

Last weekend

Last weekend we went to New buffalo, MI and Michigan City, IN and we had a lot of fun although it was a bit cold. That meant less people too! We bought some new 3T clothes for Arianna. She is growing so fast that most of the clothes 18 months (long gone) and 2T some still around, but for the most part we needed socks, pants, and a new coat. She was really good about staying in her stroller except at the end that she wanted to walk, But, she is doing a lot better about giving her hand and staying close to us.

Then on Sunday, we went to Jennifer's house to celebrate Christian and Liam's birthday party! They had balloons and Arianna loved them. She kept saying balloons over and over. And it was the first time she painted ! Now, we need to get her some paintings so she can continue. "I am painting mama"! She was so proud and we were proud too.


Here are two new birds that we saw recently (the last one was today). Can someone tell me their names?