Thursday, February 5, 2009

Footprint and Food

In another post I had showed a picture similar to this one (two footprints of Arianna's shoes), but I wanted a comparison between her shoe and mine. So, here it is!

My sister came to our house for a little and Arianna is getting better with her cousins. Here is Raven holding her while Mike looks for the website they wanted to see (Barbie).

We went to IKEA two weeks ago and bought this wonderful secretary desk for our dining room. We were still in the process of rearranging some stuff around, but we already love it because our dining table is free of clutter (papers, computer, camera, etc..). We also bought 4 replacement chairs for our table. The ones we had were from about 4 yrs ago and they were too light and Arianna was able to flip them quite easy.

I always forget to take pictures of my finished homemade craft. But this time I remember! Here is a finished scarf for a friend.

Arianna playing with her new basket of produce. She loves the grapes and banana the most, then tomato, strawberry and ice cream... then the rest!

We were trying to go to the store and she could not let go of her basket!

In a small note, our gerbils Data and Geordi were separated so each have their own house/box because they started fighting (and we were told that one of them will die or get severily injured). Gerbils are sociable and are supposed to be in pairs, but apparantely sometimes it does not work, they start to fight and can get ugly really fast. Data was injured in the right leg (that is how we started to notice something was not right). I read that if there is blood in a fight (Data's leg), reconciliation is impossible and fight will be to the death (they kept chasing each other in the box for awhile, first we thought they were playing).
So, we would not come home to a death gerbil, each has their own happy home, and they are doing just fine. We had 2 sets of gerbils before, and we have two sets right now, and from the 4 sets, this is the first time that we had to do this. I remember when Max passed away, Sam did not live to long after him, and you could tell he missed his brother. Goes to tell you that even gerbil world is very interesting!