Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Girl !

Today is our beautiful baby's 2nd Birthday! She opened her first present from Uncle Ron and Aunt Evelyn. Thanks. They are very cute. She called them a boy, a clown, a car (don't know that one, maybe because the color?). She counted them. She told us the color. Where is green? Where is blue? Where is red? We tried some towers, but it took me longer to do than for her to smash! Oh, they were also drums. So, many ideas, you can tell her mind was working two-fold... Thanks.
Tomorrow, we are celebrating her birthday. So, more pictures to come. We are having pizzas. So, no one is cooking and everyone is just sitting relaxing, eating, and drinking. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Belated Anniversary Blogging!

As Arianna's 2nd birthday is near, I realized that I had been blogging about her for a year (September 10) so I missed the day, but makes me see that we had a very interesting year. Full of get togethers, families, friends, and many many new things. I don't know how long I will be blogging, but I do it not only to share her life with our dearest, but so we could remember all the craziness and insights that our little girl comes up with. They do grow fast indeed and if there is not somewhere written the stuff that they did, most of it will be lost in our little brains. And I want to remember everything. The nights without sleeping, the first tooth, the first smile, the first kiss, the hugs, her words, everything. Like a few days ago, she was looking outside the patio door into the trees and she says " Mama, trees dancing". And I looked outside, and the wind was moving the branches enough that if looked like they were. I would have missed them. That is what I don't want to miss or forget. So, as this is the last day before she turns 2. I want to say thanks to everyone that made this year, a year not to forget.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's raining cats...

My last flowers are blooming. Enjoy!

What to do with a new kitty that came to our door? Can't they see that there is no vacancy! She is so tiny. I know in some of the pictures she looks bigger. But, if you see her face. You'll see she is not. She is the size of Betsy, maybe even smaller. Arianna loves her, of course, and she is very good with her. Making it very difficult for us!