Saturday, March 27, 2010

Honk Honk!

This is the first ride that Arianna has in one of those car carts at Home Depot!  She loved it.
And then we needed to go to Kohl's to buy some clothes for Mike's job.  She hated this cart when she was younger.  This time she was better, but she was getting so tired.

We tried the Indian restaurant by Orland Park Taj Mahal and it was very good.  Mike got the Frontier Chicken (Right side) and I opted for the buffet and found out that I like Chicken Vidaloo (may be misspelled)
and their Rice pudding. Arianna was very happy that she was singing and she was also a bit silly.  ;)

Then we went to our evil store Barne's and Noble , evil because we like a lot of stuff, but we only bought a magazine per person.  Arianna picked one book and I got her a really cool puzzle (about doggies).  There is a picture of it below.

Then, we came home to play a little in the yard and to re-fill the bird feeders and Mike hanged 2 more bird houses!
We were so tired that we came inside and rested for awhile.  How was your day?

WPP #13 Bird Bath

Thinking about Spring even though it is not sunny and it is cold... but knowing that my plants are showing new buds gives me hope!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chuck's restaurant and Openheimer.

Caught them eating!  Arianna likes french fries again! 

We went to Chuck's Restaurant for breakfast and it was delicious.  The first time that we went was for dinner and I tried their BBQ.  I was not that impressed.  But, I gave them a second chance and ordered something different and it was very very good.  The breakfasts were excellent as well.  Mike ordered french stuffed toast and I ordered chilaquiles with a side of 1 pancake.  We will definitely go back. Arianna ate her bread and just a little of the pancake.

We also managed to go to see the mostly monologue of Clay Jenkinson's portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer (the so called " Father of the Atomic Bomb).  It was excellent, but I will leave the details to Mike.  I am sure he will write a review in his blog.  We met with Clay and John Williams (from 720 WGN) afterwards!  [Last time I took a picture with them, but this time I was too tired for that, but we talked for awhile]  If they ever do another show, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is that time of the year?  I was getting ready to go to work and we were seating outside when I heard a bunch of noise coming from upstairs!  Well, it was up alright.  A lot of geese talking and flying! I loved the patterns - the last shots they were getting in a single line...

Very nice!

New Swing set and more...

So here are some pictures of the swing set.  We are still looking into what we are going to put as floor... maybe plastic mulch (made by tires?)  She loves the swing set and Mike made a really good job building it!

Arianna started to draw faces.  She does a circle, puts two small "circles" inside for eyes, a dot for nose, and a line for the mouth.  She says "A smile face".  She was so in "the zone" when I was taking these pictures.  You can see the sequence when she realized that mommy was at it again with the pictures ;)

What is more fun than drawing you asked?  Well, play-doh!  She loves to make a mess with that one.  Remember Alma all the play-doh stuff we gave you, now I know the reason for your faces (sometimes) but still is very entertaining. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma and Me

These pictures were taken while I was in the house hiding by the curtains and they were singing in the back of our yard. They did not know I was taking the pictures until the last picture ;) I love that Ari loves her grandparents as much as I loved mine.   I wonder what song they were singing?

Oh no!  They saw me!

Monday, March 22, 2010

In a moment...

Here is a picture of 2 of my gerbils - Esmeralda and Sophie.  Arianna likes to look at them for time to time and tells me that they are either eating or sleeping.  " Gerbils are sleeping"

 Then, after looking at the gerbils, Arianna went to the dining room and told me that "Jack and Betsy are looking at birds".

"Mommy the squirrels are hungry"

"Oh, I love to feed the birds".  After we refilled the feeder and then she saw the Cardinal.
 Then, she said " You want to play balls? "

When we went inside, she said " All done".  "Coat off"
 "Let's draw!"

 And that was just a moment in our lives :)