Saturday, June 12, 2010

WPP # 24 Doll House

 We are getting to the point where my baby or toddler is liking castles and dollhouses.  I bought a doll house kit about 2 years ago... I think I was pregnant and I did not know yet what I was having, but they had an awesome sale and could not pass it.  Now, I need to start working on it.  I think it will be ready when she turns 5 if I am lucky ;).
p.s. I found this doll house at a thrift store awhile back (was it 1 or 2 years? don't remember now) for my nieces.  They outgrown it, now has come back to us and Arianna loves it.  I never thought when I was buying this house that it will come back to me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Betsy and Misty :)

The other day two out of our three cats were taking it easy...
What?  I am trying to sleep!  Go bother Misty, meow!

Oh, no!  Not me!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soup and tea party!

Soup!  Arianna likes some kind of soups...especially the "Dora's soup", the "Little bear's soup", the "Blue's soup", the "alphabet's soup"...  and she is getting really good at feeding herself!  (The bowl used to be Mike's when he was little!)

Playtime!  Our play time involves lots of tea parties... and more tea parties...and the farm... with lots of little pet shops animals and...
 We have a new friend in our play time.  His name is Charly! (not Charlie or Charley)  He comes to our tea parties too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jamie's Graduation Party

Jamie's Graduation Party !! We are very proud of your accomplishments and we are happy that we were able to go and have an awesome time!  Here are some of the pictures for you to see!
We were making tacos! The food was just delicious...
I bought Mike this shirt for his birthday and he loved it.  I think he looks great in it :)
The table was set and the party was going...
I love these pictures :)
Time for cake!
Relaxation and stories ended the day.  It was just perfect!

Congratulations Jamie!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cancelled GRill Party Not!

I was so tired that the Garden Party that I wanted to do was cancelled.  So, I called everyone but I could not get hold of my mom until two days before and when  I did she said "What? I am still coming!"  But, I cancelled I said.  She said ,  "I already did a lot of stuff for the party".  Party was back on. (We ended up having pork chops, chicharron, steak, rice, beans, guacamole...) On Saturday, the family came and had a very good grilling party.  My mom even bought me the only tomatoes and peppers that made it into the ground.  This is the first year that I don't go crazy buying plants - mostly flowers with some vegetables.  Maybe I can still buy some flowers for my empty pots...

These are the flowers that my mom bought.
My clematis that I planted 3 summers ago!  This year is doing wonderful :)
Arianna loving her swing and slide!
Thank you mom.  You are awesome :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

52 projects #20 - Wedding invitations


For this week I'd been working in my brother's invitations!  I thought that I will be done in a flash, but it is taking longer than expected... still love it.  I am trying to help them.  The invitations are actually from Martha Stewart's collection and I tried to use the "templates" that she supposedly has in the website (that came in the package), but I can't find it.  Has someone use some of her cards?  Do you know the templates that she is talking about?  I am using Word and it is taking longer.  I  have some projects that I want to do, but duty calls right now ;)