Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Fall things...

Fall is here sadly (and not) because each season offers you something to be happy about, but in the sadly part I won't have my flowers until next year. Anyway, we went out for a very short time to play ball (Arianna loves to do that whether it is cold or not)
and I took a few pictures for you to enjoy with us :)

This was a different weekend, the temperatures go up and down - just crazy so no need for coat.

And now we have about 4 woodpeckers, they enjoy the suet that I leave by my window and I enjoy taking pictures of them.

Raking the leaves!

Last weekend we had a super nice weekend and lots of leaves to rake. Mike was doing that when Arianna volunteer her efforts as well. We gave her a rake (with our supervision) and she had tons of fun. She did a pretty good job too.

"New toys"

We bought Arianna a bib that she actually likes! Since she is feeding herself more often, we needed a bib that she did not want to take right away and this was it :)

She also loves puzzles! I cannot remember how many times we did this puzzle, but I love puzzles too so it was a lot of fun.

Once the puzzle was done she moved to her houses... we have two small houses and a farm that she plays with all her mini dolls and animals. It is really amazing to see all the imagination coming out...

Halloween Pictures

I am a bit late putting the pictures from Halloween and I am afraid I did not take that many, but you get the idea. She does not like stuff on her head, but I was able to put her pink hat that she likes. She is a dinosaur ant the outfit was big on her, so must likely I will use it next year, but find a nice hat so she will be a dragon or something similar :) Anyway, after she woke up from her nap we just went around our block and she was very shy and quiet (you know that she is not quite) but she loved the candy in her pumpkin!