Thursday, May 7, 2009

Papa is sick!

I took Mike to the doctor and they gave him some antibiotics (pick up later- especial prescription) and they told him not to go to work until Tuesday... Hopefully his throat will feel better and his voice will return...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last of April pictures...

Here are two pictures of the blue jay that has been staying somewhere close to my backyard. He comes for food and water, and stays hidden in the burning bush for awhile. He likes to be high up in my neighbor's tree as well. It is a very beautiful bird, although his singing ability is like mine!

This is one of the hyacinth that we bought in Holland, MI last year. Very pretty color.

We love the hostas in front of our house, they were here when we bought the house, but the tulips are new. They are open now. I will try to put pictures of the tulips (they are yellow -mostly).

Another new tulip. It is a mixed, I forgot the name, but it is a beautiful white iceberg color.

These tulips are gone. They were an awesome red color. I took a picture after it had rain and loved it.

Well, there is still a lot that we can do with our front porch/ mini garden, but it is not too bad. We are focusing in the back this year because we have a few events that are going to happen!

I don't even remember buying this type of tulip, but the double color makes them very pretty. I am going to buy a few more...

While taking pictures of the tulip I kept hearing Maggie (our neighbor's dog) going crazy barking and then I found out that it was a raccoon on the tree that was driving her insane. I tried to take a picture of the face, but with the baby and the street this was the best angle I could get.

Another flower in the front garden. They are tiny, but the blue color is very nice.

Arianna finding new ways to entertain herself or new ideas for the toys that she has. Can you see her little house?

Mike and Arianna playing ball!

We came inside after playing in the yard and saw Misty perching on top of the chair. She had not done that before. How cute!

Who would not be happy with such a good and yummy steak...

I guess that works too Arianna...

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 3rd

So, May 3rd has two meanings to us:

1) One -the birthday of my grandma. I prefer to remember this day (than the day she passed away) so she would have been 89 yrs. We went to the cemetery (Mike, Ari, my mom and me) and we stayed for awhile. Arianna was running up and down, and going through every flower she could find (saying the colors she knows: purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and green). So, it was a nice day to remember her. In this picture, we were celebrating Christmas (2001 or 2002). She is with my mom.

and 2) it is when Mike and I started going officially. Our first official date was after we finished celebrating my grandma's birthday. We went to a late movie (Big Hit - that was the only one available- not the best movie), then we went to Stake and Shake (I still remembered the sundae I ordered -yummy), and to finalized and since it was around 1 am and the only thing opened was a 24 hr Kmart that was our final stopped. It was a nice date!

Yeah, we were so young once!

Happy 11th year!