Saturday, July 17, 2010

WPP #29 - Gumballs!

Thank God for gum balls (most of the time anyway - meaning when you have some quarters for it!) We went to an antique store and Ari was tired and excited for all the goodies in there that she was in overload until we saw the gum ball machine, then she upped her game by asking me for not her usual 2 "balls", but 4... oh well at least we got to see most of the store.  After we left, in the ride home she finally felt asleep, she was so tired.
But, I still love gum balls myself ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week #25 - Photography and the end of the 30 days journaling challenge!


As my previous blog entry stated, I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding (ceremony) and then a banquet hall.  I had always wanted to capture those beautiful moments.  I imagined myself being a great photographer ( that is not even close to the truth, but still we can imagine, right?) So, here are those moments that I capture...

Just love it. I love that the imperfections, add to it.  At least in my eyes. 
Also, I finished the journaling challenge!! Yeah! Here are a few pages...

WPP #28 - Nature and love

This past weekend I attended the wedding of two great people.  Their love reminded me that even though we hear so much bad stuff out there, we are still finding the time to find love above all.  That is quite refreshing to see...