Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting together with good friends.

On the 30th we went to meet some friends for sushi and thai food. We went to a restaurant called KIN and Thai food on Milwaukee Ave. It was good, but it was not kid friendly, many of these type of restaurants are not kid friendly. No high chairs to begin with. I was a bit worried in the beginning, but Ari was sleeping when we got there and when she woke up she sat on my legs for awhile then Mike's. She was very good.

I got you... no, you got me... We got each other ;)

I am glad that he was able to make it after the car problems!

Wow, that is very amazing... wonder what the conversation was about...

Sometimes I wish I still did not like sushi since it is so expensive. I mean I can only eat some Makis but they are not cheap. Look at the picture, the one in the back is a Dragon and the one in front is called Sunny. I liked Sunny the best... I wish it was more sunny around here, these temperatures are a killer. But, the sushi was really good!

Trike and Green Puppy

Mike finished building the trike the 26th in the morning and looked really good.

Arianna liked it right away, but she still is a little short on the legs. I think for the summer this trike will be perfect. Just look how happy she is on it.

The green puppy story. Arianna loves Blue's Clues (it may not be her favorite show anymore, but she still likes it). Her favorite character is Green Puppy. A lesser character, not many things sold are green puppy. Mike wanted to get one for her for Christmas and went to many websites. Nothing. Except for one site that will sell a green puppy for about 145 dollars. So, he said you can make one right? He bought a pattern for Blue and I made the changes so it will become green puppy.

Managed to finish on the 25th and gave it to her. When she realized that was green puppy she was so happy.

She said where is Blue and Magenta? I gave them to her and she started to introduce them to green puppy and they kissed.

Then she said picture time, lined them on the pillow and smile.

I was so happy that she liked it!

Christmas Day Dinner

Ann hosted Christmas Day this year with a delicious roast beef and all the yummy trimmings. Those rolls where just plain delicious. Oh, I am sure Ezri would have loved to try them. She is so cute.

Arianna loves cats. She loves Ezri.

Very good gift from grandma and grandpa. After all she loves to color and draw!

Glenn playing bowling! Arianna cannot hit the pins yet (well she can, but she does not like to hit them). But loves the ball.

Grandma and Grandpa opening their presents.

Mike happy with his books and CD. Thank you everyone for all the gifts and the good wishes!

Morning of Christmas Day

We woke up early to open presents in the morning of Christmas Day and the picture that you see above is when I was talking to Mike and I forgot exactly what was the conversation about, but I said "it is not like Ari is going to pose for a picture" and well, she proved me wrong because she started posing... so funny!

This was my secret gift... I had no idea what flip was, but it was an awesome video camera. A small one and easy to use and to take everywhere. How cool is that :)

Misty is trying to figure out what the whole commotion is about or perhaps she was thinking where is my gift!

Arianna loved 2 gifts the most: Wonder pets and Wow wow wubzy. She also loved her trike once it was built. I will post a picture of that later.

She played for a long time with the school.

Oh, father and daughter exhausted and we had a full weekend ahead!

Christmas #1

December 24th was really good. We ordered food from Barraco's and my family came for the festivities. We had the traditional: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries, pasta, bread, butter, and pies. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the food before we devoured it. But, it was very tasty. Here my brother is trying to finish his plate :)

Mike can barely move after eating. Hehe, we had so much to eat that I could barely sit myself.

I finally caught my mom's face. Most of the times, she moves and I get her side or back etc...

Our darling decided to dress herself for the occasion. I tried to put a nice dress, but there are some battles that you need to let go. This was one of those. She really wanted to be all circles!

My brother with Santana. How time flies!

Logan, Scarlett, Phoenix and Raven ready to eat. They liked the pasta the best.

Beginning of opening presents, you can tell how excited they were. That is the point of Christmas, when the kids have so much fun and they are happy. (Well, besides the birth of Jesus) :0

My sister loves make up so she got some handy "Eye pod" !

It was nice to see how happy my brother was with his gift. He really wanted some cartoons from the 90's like the original Ninja turtle, pinky and the brain, etc... He said this was the best Christmas ever! Now, he sounds like Arianna too.

Family Picture. Arianna was so tired by now.

I like this picture a lot. Don't you?

My baby in my arms. I know one day she will need to fly and do her life, but for now she is in my arms.

Silly girls, don't kill Woody.... Where is Buzz light when you need him?

And that ends our day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Ann!

Aunt Ann has managed to run away from my mommy's lens, but we still partly caught you :) Have an amazing year. Happy Birthday Ann!