Monday, December 29, 2008

Ouch Time

Our poor baby is having a hard time with the new teeth coming out. She is having at least 4 (it looks like 6) teeth coming at the same time all over her mouth. So, her gums are puffy everywhere and it is hard for her to eat. I am giving her soft stuff, but she is not that hungry and she had 2 days with fever as well. Fever seems to be gone right now. If it continues, we might have to go to the doctor, just to be safe :(

Friday, December 26, 2008

HO-HO-HO Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma!

So, this was our last get together to celebrate Christmas 2008! Ann cooked a wonderful meal (where Mike almost ended comatose for eating too much :) ). We had some roast beef and ham with lots of side dishes: glazed carrots, mushrooms (one of my favorites), homemade cranberry sauce, bread, potatoes, etc...
After eating we opened some presents and enjoyed some white elephant presents as well. Then, we followed with some yummy pies and sparkling peach, tea and milk. By the time we were done, we could barely moved any limbs. So, thanks to everyone for a wonderful day!

Grandpa was telling us a wonderful story. Arianna was paying attention to every word.

This nice dress came with the cape. It was not that practical so Arianna did not like the cape much, but we managed this picture.

I guess she really wanted to open her presents. In the second picture, it looked like she was saying "please"!

Glenn was excited too. He wanted to open his presents!

Grandpa and Grandma waiting their turn to open some white elephant gifts.

Ann and Barry having a laugh with Ron through the web cam that was working one way only! (Of course by the time everything was done, the camera worked as it was supposed to)

This picture was taken when the "annual letter" from Grandpa's brother's wife was read to the family!

Everyone happy after opening their presents.

Just relaxing and having a great time. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day at home!

On December 25th, we woke up to a nice tree with lots of presents and Christmas music. I guess Santa stopped by and drop a few presents for us. Arianna had a Cabbage Patch doll, Elmo Live, Mr. Potato, and books (we replaced her favorite, Peter Cottontail). Ah, she thinks that the Transformer is hers as well. She seemed to really like it. Must be in her blood :) Then, we opened our presents. Mike got 4 books and two games ( one DS, one Playstation 3). I got my cricut with some accessories, and we were really happy.

Then after so much excitement, Arianna decided it was time for a nap (She had breakfast as well). Do you see our kitties inspecting the whole event?

While Arianna napped, we got some breakfast ourselves and we went to the basement to be with Ezri for awhile. We played, brushed her, gave her some treats (for Christmas) and finally left because she went to take a nap too. Hopefully, next Christmas all 3 kitties can be together.

A few more pictures from Christmas -1

After the children opened their presents (and did you see Scarlett and Raven so excited about their American Girls? They thought they were not going to get it, so they were very surprised!), but it was the "adults" turn. And we did a grab bag, so everyone got one really nice gift. And here are some pictures.

Then we took some family pictures to remember this day!

Merry Christmas!

Pictures from Christmas - 1

So, here are some of the pictures taken during our get together!

Here we are getting ready to go to my sister's place. Arianna just finished eating a little bit so she could hold on until dinner.

Here they are trying to entertain Arianna, as she gets shy in the beginning with a bunch of kids around. Plus, they are so EAGER to open their presents as well...

The girls were dressed in beautiful red dresses! Boys being boys they were dressed to their own tunes, but they were equally excited to open their presents, especially Logan.

Hello! Santana was about to eat and my sister was playing with him. He wanted chicken and of course some pie later.

Arianna is thinking how can I take this tree home? mmmhm... maybe I can carry it all by myself. (Yes, the tree had ornaments, but they disappeared just before Christmas).

I love this picture of Santana. The kids were fed first, then the adults ate fast so we could open the presents. At this point, the kids were melting in anticipation.

See, here we are at the end of our meal. We can barely move, but the food was so good especially the turkey and the tamales!

There are so many good shots of the kids opening their presents, but these represent the happiness when they received their toys!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrated with my family at my sister's house. We had a bunch of food from a very good turkey to some Boston Market (chicken and sides) to tamales and a nice apple with cheese pie. [There was pozole too, but I did not eat some. Alma save me some!] So, after eating we opened some presents and the kids were very happy. All kids had a wonderful time, and I think they enjoyed what they got. I will post some pictures in the next few days.
All in all, we are very happy and blessed that we were able to celebrate together :)
Have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome Ezri!

Due to some unexpected circumstances, Ezri is back with us. We are trying to introduce her to our other 2 kitties. So, hopefully it will work. Otherwise, she will have a good home with Ann and Barry eventually. So, here are some pictures for you.

Isn't she adorable!!!!


Arianna loves our Christmas tree (especially the jingle bears, the monkey sock, and a ball ornament with her name on it). She was so happy as you can see in the pictures.

Well, it is a mess, but I am letting her eat her food (some of it). She uses both, fingers and the fork. She likes eggs, but loves the sausages. Yummy!

She is watching Blue's clues. It is the only program that she will seat for 15 -20 minutes on her chair. It is also the only thing that she asks me to turn on (on demand -noggin has a few episodes).

She loves fruits and veggies. Banana is a recently fruit for her because she tends to be in the constipated side so I have to be careful with bananas and apples and rice, etc.. But, I gave her one and she loved it.

She was playing around in her pj's!

She was dancing in the kitchen while I was preparing some lunch for us. I like this picture for some reason. (oh, the Mickey toy was donated to the Salvation Army collection toys for kids, the only thing we know is that it was a 2 yr old girl). Arianna loved the toy (it had a song so that is why she was dancing)

Here she was just playing with her cups. She likes to put things in and out of boxes or any container. She was happy putting the green cup in the blue cap in the white cup (in the background) for a good 10 minutes. What kids like these days! :)