Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our vacation to Gatlinburg, TN - Part 1.

This is the cabin that we rented for our trip.  Masada was the name and the location was just perfect -between towns.  So, it was very peaceful.  Arianna let me do a pony tail and she kept it for a long time.
 One of the places that we went to was to Bob's campground - Big Creek.  It was beautiful and Arianna loved it.   I foreseen some camping outings in our future.

 She loves shadows right now.

 I don't know why, but I love this picture.
 Mike taking in all the beauty of the Smokies.
 Arianna sitting on a huge rock!  She was excited about it.
 Mike and Bob working in setting Bob's tent.
 Arianna was overseeing all the work.
 The view from the tent.

Rocks + Sand + Baby = fun!
 Arianna loves tents!
 I took this picture in a crazy angle. But, the tent was next to a creek as well. 

Arianna's latest artwork

I love how colorful this drawing is!  What do you think?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Our friend Rick is starting a business is photography.  These are just some of the picks that he took for us.  Now, if you know Arianna you know these are just awesome picks, because she is just so shy with other people.  If you are interested in having a family photo shoot, or any other pics let me know and I will send you his information :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moments in a toddler's life

Rebecca gave her this pony pad with crayons that she plays with all the time. 
 The red bucket is her hat when she has it on, she turns into a princess.  Great imagination!
 She loves to play with her ponies.
 and her cups.
 and her train.
 She was watching...what else?  Little Bear.

Bix Box full of goodies

Here is a big box that we found one day when we came back from work (September). 
 Then, I was surprise to get one beautiful bird house.  I thought it was a squirrel's house, but I was more surprise to find out that was a woodpecker's house.  How cool is that! I still need to paint it, but I am trying to decide what I want it to be.
 Some cool LP's.  Mike's favorite song.
 Arianna had just awoken to an unusual nap.  Her hair was all wet and messy, but she loved the candy ball!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The opening of presents -3rd year.

Normally, we opened the presents in the party so everyone can see what she got.  But, she was under the weather and did not want to do it then.  We opened the presents the next day.  Everything was beautiful thank you!

 She loved the polka dot box.  She used the box for awhile.
 This is the one gift that she has used the most.  She loves to paint! 
 She was waiting for us to set her easel.
 The first time that she used it.  Needed papa to be next to her ;)

 First easel's artwork!
 Who does not like leggo?  She does!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arianna's 3rd Birthday Party

Here are the party favors for this year just waiting for this party to start.  This year I tried to really stayed within the party theme " Fisherman's Bear and Balloons".  (Fisherman's Bear is Little Bear's bear).  This is Arianna's favorite cartoon right now.  She had asked me for a fisherman's bear awhile ago and when I was making it, it just hit me that this would me the theme for her birthday.  I also put some oreo's cookies, cow tales, lemon heads, chocolates, etc...
 Arianna was sick for her birthday.  The day before she had a high fever, I was not sure if I was going to have to cancel or not.  The day of her birthday she was still with fever, but the fever was less and tylenol helped her enjoy her day.  Plus, having a blanket by your side is always a plus in her book.
 This is Dennis's little girl she got better once Kerri's son came by.  I guess it is not just our little girl that is so shy.
 Kerri's son.  He has the best cheeks ever.  You just want to squeeze them with a big kiss :)
 Arianna was playing with her cousins and friends on her swing set.  She was going up and down on the slide.
 Hello Mr.  Glenn.  He was having a blast as well.  It had rained in the morning and we were not sure how temperature was going to be, but it cooperated and we had a nice day.  No more raining until about 8 pm and we were cleaning by then.
 Raven helped me with Arianna while I was busy she kept a close check on her.  Thank you Raven!
 And Scarlett, she did an awesome job of keeping up with my daughter as well.  Both cousins are so good to her.  I guess if she is the only child, I don't feel as bad because she has wonderful cousins.
 This was the cake!  I ordered a chocolate cake (her favorite) and this was the closest to a bear picture that Jewel had.  It was cute though.  We also had her favorite - pizza! Plus, I ordered some Portillo's salad, and we had something new - ice cream sundaes! Yummy!

We were singing happy birthday (and unfortunately our heads got cut, but you can see the kiddies) 
 Arianna and her grandmother sharing a piece of cake.  The cake had fresh strawberries, and whipped cream for frosting.  Our Jewel actually has a good baking section.
 Here is the proud papa!  He loves his White Sox T-shirt that I got for father's day.  Maybe I should get him another shirt.
 The kids started playing with the balloons.  They created their own game where they will count to 3 and throw the balloon in the air, it looked nice.  Then, they just started hitting each other with the balloons. 
 I wondered what the conversations between toddlers are...
 Still playing with the balloons.
 Now, it is balloon and swing...
 Arianna's favorite part was when everyone let go of their balloons in the air!
Time for everyone to go.  It was getting dark.  Bye Dave and Tiff!
 I think Glenn liked his bear :)
 Myrna and family.  Thank you for coming :)
 Sarah trying to hide!  I did get you with my other camera.  I'll post some of those later.
 My sister enjoying a relaxing moment after helping me a lot.  Thanks Sis.
 Myrna's kids getting their party favor.  I hope they enjoyed the bear and the candies.
 My good friend Jeaneth!  She is soon to be a mom.  Next time your here, you will be going after your little one as well. :)
 Oh, here you are Sarah and Jamie.  Thank you for coming :)
 Nice picture.  Maybe next time Paul can join us as well.
 Thanks to my mom for helping me as well.  Here is my cousin Marcela :)

Arianna was so tired by now, but we thank everyone that came to celebrate with us our little girl's birthday.  Until the next one! (I forgot to contact some friends of mine for this celebration. Sorry, I would make it up to you :)  )