Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Celebration!

Happy Birthday to an awesome pair. Alma's birthday is today (the 12th)and Tony (the 13th). Enjoy them and many, many more!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Last gathering of the Summer

Summer is coming to an end around here and Mike and Ann wanted to go bike riding. Next thing we know, if turned into a nice picnic outing. (Well, it was nice for a little while until we had about 3- 4 different radios fighting to see who was the loudest. Then, we decided to get to our house and we continued with the picnic there. Alas, it was very peaceful.)

Mike getting Ari ready with helmet and such. She does not care for the helmet, but she knows she needs it to ride.

A nice shot of the area. It is a nice trail, it gets harder as you walk in... not as flat and there were a lot mosquitoes. But the area is beautiful. I did not go in as much as Tiff, Dave, and Glenn, but I was able to capture 3 types of mushrooms. What a difference between them!

Well, this is not about the picnic. But, I wanted to include a picture of my best tomato of the season! What do you think? I see a salad with my tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil in my future :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bad mama!

Yesterday, we went shopping for an obligatory suit. I called obligatory because I really don't like to shop for clothes. Maybe if it was easier to find some in my size, I will change my mind. Anyway, after about almost 2 hours, we were on our way to our house. Traffic was a nightmare, worst than usual. This guy cut me off, and if I don't hit my breaks I would have hit him big time. Then, because of this, I got a yellow light so I slam on the brakes. Mike told me that I had enough time to go. After so many cameras in each corner trying to get you for a 100 dollars ticket, well you learn to hit your breaks. So, let's say we were frazzled. So, I said the big "WTF" (Mind you I used to never, ever swear before, but my language has some color in the past years- mostly S### or the WTF). I am trying to stop.
But, the point of my story here is that 2 seconds later, our darling said " What fuck?". Now, I have to say that it was funny, but we did not laugh. I don't want my child to pick those words. At least not yet. So, I said no sweety, not a good word and we were quite the rest of the ride.
Then, home about 30 minutes later. I am trying to put her down for a nap. She does not want to go just yet. She loves books too much sometimes. So, she says not to me, but in an exasperated tone to herself " What fuck?". Well, I am glad that she understand the context, but no.... no swearing in this house. I said no sweety, not a nice word. She has not said it. Me neither. So, now my new word will be "Cheetos". Yeah, that is safe.