Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our cats no longer safe...

That was the time when Betsy and Misty could go up, up on the top of the sofa or recliners to the safety they provided against our "squiggly Arianna", but no longer...

Yes, she can go up and down. It is easier for her to go up on the sofa, but she can managed if she wants to.

She was almost there, to get Betsy....but she saw the camera and decided to climb down and posed for a picture. She says "cheese" now. [She is also saying "papa change" which translates to pamper change! and she says "ba time" for what else her favorite thing, bath time]

Also, we went to Target today and she found this glass. She liked it so we bought it. We did not tell her that it was a glass or what to do with it, but she knew!

So, she is in a climbing mood... and she cannot sit in the chairs yet (by herself). So, I helped her before she got too frustrated. She sat for awhile playing with one of her favorite toys.

And finally, she likes to sit in the recliner with a blanket, boppy, and her sippy. She was so tired, after this picture she went for a nap.