Friday, December 19, 2008

15 months check up

On Thursday, we had Arianna's 15 months check up. They took her measurements: 31.5 in height, and 21.8 lbs weight. I was a bit worry in the weight department since she only gained a bit less than one pound (and she does eat), the doctor said that it was normal and since she started walking (jumping and running) she burns more calories. She also had one more vaccine (the second one that she needed was a booster that is in shortage so they are giving them to babies 4-6 months first. She said it was ok since she had it, and she is in the list for it). They also took a bit of blood from the finger to check her lead and hemoglobin. She is fine in both :) So, more veggies and fruits for her!
It was traumatizing seeing her blood coming from the little finger, and since it was hard to put a band aid, it kept coming (a little, but it felt a lot to me) so we started singing Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider and she calmed down. Oh, she would start to whimper again everytime she saw the band aid so we put a glove on it. Thank God no fever or other reaction so far... One more appointment at 18 months for some vaccines, another at 2 or 2.5 and then just the general yearly appointment (unless a cold or something else pops up), but no vaccines (except for flue shot if you want) until she goes to school (around 4-5 yrs).
In other news, she loves the Christmas tree and the snow! She played just a little since it was too cold while I made a path from the garage to the house. Yeah, it was hard since the snow was more like ice! When it was time to go inside, she did not want to. I guess she was having too much fun :) This was the "evil band aid"!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures from our backyard

Since I am still at home taking her of Arianna. I, sometimes, can grab my camera and go crazy taking pictures of our backyard. We have a lot critters living around like squirrels, bunnies, birds (such as cardinals and woodpeckers, and I had seen a hawk, and two (sadly) stray cats - one black that I had not taken pictures yet.
We tried to give them as much food as we can, so some days my yard looks amazing... So, here are some pictures for you to enjoy.