Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's been a long time...indeed.

I cannot believe that October was the last time that I posted something here.  I am not quite sure why I just did not feel like posting.  Ari has been growing and given us tons to see, to laugh, to pull our hairs, to enjoy, to love. So, I guess it was just me not wanting to post.  2010 closed the year with many emotions and I guess all in the family felt exhausted.  But we look up to 2011 with hope that this year will be better than the last one.
I am looking forward to the spring.  Ari said that she will help me plant tons of flowers.  I think this year we will see our backyard differently and we will enjoy having the game (baseball) on the radio, some cold drinks, nice weather, and a beautiful and colorful backyard.  Maybe we will play ball, or just play with the hose.  All my nieces and nephews will be here and we will all get wet.  That sounds like fun.
She also said that she wanted to bake cookies with me.  I bought one of those frozen cookies that I just need to put in the oven.  We will do the real deal soon enough.  I am just trying to get myself out of the non-bake feeling for now.  Those chocolate chips cookies look great and we can still do it together.
And I think all of these hits close to my heart.  You see, I did not know I was pregnant until about 3 months, but I kept having dreams of this little girl that was helping me in the backyard, that was baking with me quite often, and that was playing tea parties with me.  After the nth dream, I thought this is too weird.  I remembered telling my friend Tiffiney that this "little girl" was pretty persistent. At that time, my brother's girlfriend was pregnant so I figure she was having the little girl (She had a boy).  So, I guess she was trying to tell me that she was here.  She was sending a HUGE HELLO! and I just could not hear it.  Now, all those dreams are starting to become a reality.  She has a voice now, and God knows we can hear her :)
(In this video, she had an itchy nose, but love her smile)