Saturday, April 3, 2010

WPP#14 - Penny

 I had another picture in mind, but since Misty (another kitty of ours) is a bit sick - she gets from time to time diarrhea and we need to trim her butt to help her out.  She is, after all, in a medicine for life.  I am planning to take her to the vet so they can check her out (just in case).  But, that got me thinking about Penny.  I still miss Penny.  And sometimes I miss her even more when I think of my grandmother.  She loved Penny.  I get comfort believing that they are together.  :)
This picture was taken around 2001-2002.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

52 Projects #10 - Scrapbook, doodling and a doll...

This weekend I took some pictures so you can see how the Cricut looks:  Shots of how it is when it is closed or open are posted first.

Then, you can see all the lights going on once you program what you want.  Can you see that little "drop like" cartridge on the right?  That is where all the information is stored.  Then, you press what figures you want and how many.  Hit Cut and it goes. ( I always program more than I want because you will save from wasting paper - which is one of the negative things of this machine. In the other hand, the blade cuts more and you need to replace it more often, but I figure I will used some of the extras in other things)

Then, you hit unload paper - and you can start to peel the paper.

I have a box where I leave the extra ones for later...

Found the scrapbook I wanted to use - A black cover with ivory pages.  The picture took longer to figure out... but this one is the classic one.  It is the first picture that I can remember of us together.  The one where I wanted all the beanies that he had given me ( and some that I bought myself) to be in the picture.  See, instead of flowers I wanted beanies.  So, I still have a lot of those although I have given a lot of beanies to charities by now.  We did go crazy for those critters for awhile. You see that camel?  It is one of my favorites.

And after playing with the pieces - this is the configuration that I liked.

Looking for the picture I found some scrapbook pages that my sisters in law and I did the first or second week after Arianna was born. Oh, our baby :) 

And finally... here is the doll that I managed to finish today! Here is the before picture.  It took me awhile to pick a face I wanted to draw.

And here is Anita!  (well, that is where this little girl is going...)
 Here are some faces that I did for my dolls....
And some doodling it... I am trying to decide if I want to color these 2 drawings or not?
It was a nice crafty week for us :)  Arianna started to draw faces.  I will take some picture of that for a future post :)  Have a great week!