Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drawing and Gardening and a new fan...

Mike told me awhile ago that he had a dream that Arianna (she was a newborn) was drawing on the walls. Well, it is getting closed enough. She decided to be artistic on the ceramic tile from the kitchen. It is a good thing that it was easy to clean. I took away the crayons, and told her that she needed to draw on her notebooks (has 3 of them). She was not happy as you can see below.

She needed reassuring that we loved her and she wanted to be hug. We were not angry, but we need to decrease the possibility of scribbles on walls and such. After a few minutes, everything was fine. (She will get her crayons back).

See, she is with daddy now. All is well. I still think one day (not too far) we will find some art work...

Then, we went to Burger King so Mike can have all four Star Trek glasses. She looks adorable :)

We had been in our house a bit more than two years and finally I decided to do something in the strip between the driveway and the fence. It is a space of about 35 feet long by 5 feet wide. As always I forgot to take a before picture, but basically it was grass (with some bare spots). The picture below is some of the grass that I rip. That was the hardest part.

While working I saw this beautiful purple finch. Maybe he is looking for some new spots to hide!

Here are two pictures of the strip. It is not finished, I still need to plant 7 of the 26 plants that I bought. Need to put some soil, flattened, and add mulch, so it is still half way. What do you think?

I am adding three rose bushes (one is a vine) and a beautiful Blushing Bride Hydrangea. Love flowers!

Thanks to Dave and Tiffany (and Glenn) for coming so fast to our rescue and helped Mike to install a new ceiling fan!!! Love it. Thank you, thank you!