Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nature pics...

Is this an oriole? I am not sure, but it is the only one like him/her in the backyard.

I love the couple of Robbins that live in the yard now. I am obsessed with finding a good spot to use the color of their eggs in the house...

I think this one is the male. He comes and sings for awhile. I think he is getting used to Ari and me playing in the yard.

okay, i did not expect this... all I have to say is "get a room!"

This bird is back.. Nice grackle... Love the blue color around their head.

A picture of the tree that we have in front of our house, it is purple for about 3-4 weeks, then it becomes green...

One of the tulips that we planted a year ago...

3 of 3 .... Stuff

Arianna went to visit her grandparents and she was giving grandma imagined food or something. It was cute.

I love this white sweater... It has a flower on the bottom and she keeps telling me "bowel" instead of flower.

Her new thing is to try to fit herself in everything, now it was this box and she stayed for awhile. Later she was calling me to help her out of the box...

Well, her first injury (when she knows that she hurt herself). She cried (whimper cry) when I put some peroxide and the band-aids. Then...(next picture) [For those that did not know, Ari was outside playing and trip and fell on some of the pebbles around the grass]

She remained laying down for about 45 minutes. She wanted me to be near by for support...
(The injury is healing fast and she is ok)

Thanks to Ron for the potato recipe and the ham (that was used in the preparation of this dish). This was the second time doing it, the first time, the potatoes were a bit more crunchy (I made less), but the taste was as good... I made an omelet and put the potatoes on top!

And here it is, the blanket that I made for my baby. As you can see, my husband and Arianna are very happy :) Now, mommy started a new blanket for a future baby from someone that Mikes knows...

Arianna's new spot is playing by the patio door with all her little people... she loves those guys.

Arianna's cousins (Scarlette and Raven in the picture) came to visit and they played outside for awhile. Ari had a great time!

Arianna's favorite lift. My God, if you start to spin her, she keeps saying "go, go, go" and "agi" (for again)!

2 of 3... Easter time!

Here are Carlos, Eli, Santana and Scarlett waiting for the Easter bunny to arrive!

We had sandwiches and chips for Easter. It was a laid back- fun day for everyone.

Here are the kids after picking up all the eggs... Ari was still shy and got a bit scared when all the kids got excited. Not too bad!

Waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought to them because they did so well in school! (They got a toy each)

1 of 3 Part... Ari's stuff!

Ari was taken a nap when I made this tower for her, when she woke up she was very surprised and happy. Well, it took her about 2 minutes to destroy my beautiful art work, hehe.

Arianna playing with her "baby", she started to say baby to two of her dolls, specially the one in the picture and the one that my sister gave her for Christmas.

kids will be kids... She found out that the blue ring fits through her foot and on her leg...
see for yourself. ( I love how she looks in this dress)

She loves the truck that her grandparents gave her for her one year birthday. Now, she is getting better in driving it.