Saturday, January 30, 2010

WPP #5

The first picture is not my WPP, but Mike's. He took this picture during the week and I liked the motion of the Cardinal. I think is a wonderful picture.

This one is mine. We have about 4 squirrels that are in our yard quite often (if not always). We have more than that, but they come and go. We had some leftover apples and I figure they may liked them. After a few minutes, they spotted the apples, came from their house (the tree is next to our fence), and started eating some of it... then they took off with the entire apple, but I forgot to snatch a picture of that. It is amazing what they can carry!
In the summer, I have a hate-love relationship when they keep trying to eat my tomatoes and flowers, but I always try to plant extra for them and try to buy food they like so they leave my tomatoes alone (for the most part). After seeing a Chicken Hawk almost getting one, I was so scared for the little one. I know is the circle of life and such... so I figure I can re-plant. No biggie. I may still complaint a bit if they take a super nice flower :( but I love the little critters. Plus, I remember how my grandma used to feed them peanuts. She loved animals. I wish she could see my garden. She would have liked it. I try to imagine what she would have done: plant? pick flowers? veggies? birdwatching? squirrel feeding? Now, I just need to do that so she can watch us wherever she is. :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Help is in its way...

Yesterday I came home and we do a normal routine of either cooking or playing with Arianna. Then, eventually I will go to the bathroom and get stuck in there reading all the tons of magazines that we have. Arianna knocked in the door and said "are you finished mama?" I said I am trying. She said "don't worry, mama. We'll help you."
It was very nice to hear her said that ;) especially after a long day at work.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did I mention it before?

Let me start by saying that Mike helped me remove a really nasty link in the previous entry. First I thought it was from someone's blog that I followed because it said come join me (there had been a lot fundraising and stuff), but when I clicked it sent me to an Asian adult entertainment webpage or something similar. I mean I did not click any further. :( So, I hope that Mike was able to block at least that one person/web page.
I hope for positive comments now. I mean I don't want to block it completely because there are some good people that I don't have their emails and such. Anyway, to happy thoughts.

I don't know why I was remembering this and I can't remember if I did a blog about it. But, just a few months ago - maybe 4 months. Ari was staring at the ceiling/ fan telling Mike a story and she kept pointing and saying green and moving and green and mostly gibberish. I kept looking and I did not see anything green. Then I said I don't see anything. She turned to me and said " Mama, imagination!"
I will always remember that :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Everyone that knows the story of Jack will appreciate this picture as we do! :)