Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arianna's Second Party!

I tried to do a sort of Blue's Clues Theme. Sort of because they really don't sell Blue's stuff anymore. But, I found these balloons that had paw prints on them and I added some other ones that did not. Ari loves balloons so she was happy. She kept saying "Thank you mommy, that is nice". After each balloon was inflated and ready to go on the dining room.

For party favors for the girls, I did these dolls with help from my mom (I found the pattern in Martha Steward's website, but the pattern came from Emily Martin from The Black Apple, although I changed the legs to small and chubby in most of them) Thanks to my mom for all the help, and my sister for cutting the fabric for the monsters. I know she does not like that so more kudos to you! For the boys, I forgot to take a picture, but it was a "doggy, sort of alien, monster plushy toy" made with a very soft fluffy fabric that had paw prints all over. I heard Phoenix when he said "That is exactly what I needed." I thought that was so funny, but I am glad that he liked it. The dolls or monster where inside this plastic ball that was 1/2 blue, 1/2 transparent with a pen, candy, and stickers.

In this picture, she had just woken up from her nap so daddy was taken care of her until she was brave to go on her own.

Hi Jenny! My mom's goddaughter came to celebrate as well. She is 2 too!

All of the kids were wearing their party hats including Raven that was posing for the picture.

My sister was so happy that she did not have to cook this time. It was a pretty laid back party. Lots of pizza, chips, salad, sodas and beer.

Hi Dave and Tiffany!

I liked this shot. Raven was about to hit the ball. I like the movements and how you can see the balloons.

Blue's Clues. We were supposed to play the "put the paw print", but I opted for no. I had one prize winner, but I did not want the other kids to feel bad so it was for decoration purposes only.

Pinata time. It was so funny, we could not find something good to hit, so we used a bat, a brush, a branch, until we found a broom's stick, but only to have the pinata destroyed the next time. It was sooooo heavy, so I knew it was not going to hold for a long time. Many of the kids could not hit it, but no one seemed to mind when they saw a bunch of candies!

Getting ready for the cake. Here is Raven and Santana.

Blue's cake! I know I was going to bake the cake, but after Mike got sick time just flew by so I ordered it. I still will bake with the cake pan that I bought.

My mom is so hard to picture, always turning away. So, here she is with Santana.

A few post of Ari opening her presents. Thanks to everyone. All gifts were very lovely!

Tony had to leave to go to work so I snatched a family picture before he did. It is sort of tradition that I am trying to keep.

Thanks to Myrna and her girls for coming to the celebration!

Hi Glenn. Here he is with the party favors that I was telling you about.

Everyone else was waiting for their ball!

Thanks to Michelle for some wonderful cookies. Yummy!

Rosalva and Family. Always so nice, thanks as well.

I finally got myself in the pictures. Tiffiney and Jeaneth (and Amparito) so nice to come. The party was just amazing.

I have to keep working at it, Valana and Debbie turned when I was about to take the shot, but we still see you. Thanks !

We ate and drank. Now, it was all about talking and having a great time. Francisco helped us clean. That was nice :)

A nice shot of Tiffiney.

Logan about to open his candies.

My brother's family. (Carlos, Eli, Santana)

Which picture is better? I cannot decide. But one of them will be our picture for this year's birthday.

After everyone left, Arianna was going through her presents. Here she is reading to papa.

I know I had lots of thank yous in here, but we have so many people and so many reasons to be thankful. So, please forgive my repetitiveness, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows how much we love you and appreciate all the things you do for us. Thanks to everyone and here to a great year!

Two birthday celebrations!-First one

Arianna's birthday is on September 18th, and Mike likes to celebrate the day. So, on Friday she opened our presents (2 books with 16 little books inside - She loves tiny books, plus another book), and she also opened her grandparents and Ann's present (well, not physically - but she got a swing and a slide that we will put in our backyard as soon as Mike gets well, and she got 2 balls for the yard. For everyone that does not know, he got gout the day before Arianna's day. Poor Mike was in a lot a pain, but he had started taking the medicine. So, he was a super trooper for Ari. (By the way, he is doing a lot better, but still using the cane to help him out).
Arianna's grandparents took us to McDonald's. Arianna had a lot of fun going up and down in their small play area, until too many kids were just pushing and not been so nice. The good thing is that we were done by then. So, we left and had a small cake at our house. Thanks to Ron and Marie for celebrating the day with us.