Saturday, February 27, 2010

WPP # 9

We are tiding up the house for Mike's birthday party and I came across this card that sits in our mantle. It was given to us when Penny died and the vet gave us her ashes.  It's not that I am sad although we still miss her tremendously.  But the word "CELEBRATION" caught my eye.  Yes, we celebrate that she was with us for the time that she was and celebrate what she gave us.  And if I follow that lesson, then each day we should celebrate the good and the bad.  The good for obvious reason, and the bad as a learning process.  Celebrate love, celebrate family, celebrate friendship, celebrate you!

Ari loves her guitar and other goodies.

We went to Target and Arianna found this Easter treat...well, the coloring kind!  She would not let go.

In another trip that I went without her, I bought this flashlight/ neon mini-lamp that she loves to play with.  We turn off the lights and she lets the neon do its thing and runs and dances with it.  Then we turn only some lights and she keeps asking us " Where did it go?  (the light).  We look at the ceiling and see the light and we say "there it is!".  And it repeats and repeats to her delight (not so much the parents after the 5th time :)  )

Some of the finds that Ari loves from our recent antique / thrift store: 

Huge Dora's ball.  Although we hid it for awhile because she wanted to sit on it.  We will bring it out when we Spring/Summer arrives to play outside.

Small bag filled with balls and blocks.  She loves both.  Here she is building a tower with her papa.

She had one bus that we found at an antique store and now another one that we found in a thrift store.  Problem?  Now, she thinks that she can use them as skates!  Thanks Winter Olympics.  ;)  So, Mike bought a pair of skates.  We'll see how that one goes.

One of her favorite things still books.  The new part is that she wanted to sit on the dining table to read.  We kept trying to stop her, lots of please go down for many days were said until she fell down on her legs then butt.  Thank God, nothing happened and it was more the scare part for her and us.  So, she stop doing it. 

But the new thing is the increasingly love of music and instruments.  We were at the store and she saw a purple guitar and kept asking for it.  Now, she asks for a lot things (all in the ball, books, color category) for the most part, but never like she asked for the guitar.  She really wanted one since we saw a small one at an antique store.  So, here it is.  Yes, she also wants some drums.  But, we are trying to avoid buying those for now.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Grandma's Birthday!

Last Saturday we celebrated my grandma's birthday!  We had hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers and a delicious cake to finish off.  Yummy.  That was my favorite.  I also sang the happy birthday song, but felt asleep when they were taking the family pictures.  Hope you had a great day abue! (Grandma has the purple sweater /blouse)

From 52 Projects - #5 - Wood doll

For this week I decided to do something small and that I had not done since I was about 10.  I colored a wood doll for Ari.  You can see where she helped me so I had to give the doll a "scarf" for that reason and she has "gloves" as well.  I made the doll since I am also trying to finish a baby blanket that is going to be donated to a hospital and needs to be mail this week so that is going to be my project for this coming week.



Loved the light and the color.  Ari loved the fact that they were "balls".