Thursday, February 11, 2010


It is just amazing that just last weekend we went to Bourbonnais and we did not have about a foot of snow! But, it was cold!  Still, we ventured out and went to the antique store that we used to frequent long time ago.  At least, it feels like that - Arianna was not here then.  The place is really nice and very cold - I think they don't have any heating system (well, they must have some- but it feels like they don't). So, you have to leave your coat on if you don't want to freeze especially in the back room.  But, the back room is full of interesting junk!  And we found some cool toys in there.

I found some cool books! Just check the 1988 or 1982 edition of the Audubon Birds of America.  According to the reviews this is one of the best editions of this book.  I loved the drawings anyway (whether it is a good edition or not).  I took pictures of 2 pages so you can see how beautiful the book is.  It is a very common book and it sells in any bookstore, but this is an older edition and cost me about 6 dollars.  Arianna found another Red Velveteen Rabbit.  It is one of her favorites and the Cinderella book I bought for the front picture. Maybe I can make a doll out of this one eventually and the maps that Mike found.  He has a nice entry about it in his blog at

We also found an alphabet apple.  Arianna liked it because it played music.

Ari and the slinky.  She found out that her " treasure box" was in reality a slinky!   I know it looks like I am not having fun, but I was!  I just don't like my picture taken ;)

Oh, some pictures of the maps!  I love how the buses looked then and how Mike gets excited explaining to us where the routes used to be and the changes.  Always comparisons :)

How about this bus?  It was 5 dollars with full cargo of little people, something that Ari still likes quite a bit.

We were so hungry that we went to Crackle and Barrel.  It has not disappointed us so far.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture once our food came, but trust me we devoured our food.

This is something new that she is doing at restaurants.  Take out the sugars, put them back, take out sugars...

So, this is a bit out of order since it is still the antique store, but she loved the guitar and the horse!  Maybe next time we can get one.

And that ends our very nice day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

52 Projects #3


For my third project I decided to do a scarf. Now, I have done plenty of scarves ( it has been awhile since my last one), but I had never used a loom!
My mom had bought one and was telling me about it so I got curious and I went to the store and saw a bag with 4 looms of different sizes for about 20 dollars. That was at the end of December and finally was able to use it.
Now they are a few mistakes, but overall looks pretty nice to me. My daughter loved it and it is her size!

After finishing the scarf, my reward was a piece of yummy chocolate!

I got Periwinkle to model for me :)

And then my daughter, (Can you tell that she picked her pajamas?) loved it and slept with it for awhile.


For my Weekend Picture Project (WPP) - for those that are new or forgot... I am taking 1-2 pictures per week for a year of something that caught my eye for whatever reason :).
For this week I could not decide between these 2 pictures. My first pick was the piggy. It is the only Christmas thing we still have on, but in our backyard so we see it when we go to the garage. The picture was taken with the previous snow at the beginning of the week and I was going to work. Then, I turned and I saw a smiling pig (granted it is not real), but may me smile if the pig is smiling with all this snow so can I ! (At least that was my logic at the time ;) As for the picture above. It reminded me when just in a few months it will be so green and it will look like a wonderful place to have a picnic. Our neighbors had actually camped there.