Monday, September 6, 2010

52 Projects #33 - Fisherman's Bear's Friend


Arianna loves Fisherman's Bear from Little Bear.  He is Little Bear's friend and he goes to sleep with him.  I made a prototype which is not exactly like fisherman's bear looks, but the idea is there by using Fisherman's bear from the t.v. and a book that I have from Aranzi Aranzo. I still need to work some kinks and such, but I like my first try. Although the bottom part is a bit smaller than the top.  It looks like the bear is a body builder :)  Ari likes it though. 
On a side note, I'd been out of my crafty side - or fairy crafty as I was calling it, but my daughter's birthday is trying to get me back in the mood.  I missed it that is for sure :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gardwood Apple Farm and more...

Today we went to pick apples (mostly) and raspberries to Gardwood Farms in Indiana.  It was very nice weather wise, and all the family went.  Ari loved to pick apples, but she had the most fun at the raspberries bushes.  She kept telling me how little bear ate the raspberries and mama bear made pies.  It was very cute.
Getting ready to go.  We thought it was going to be cold (upper 60's) but it was actually hotter in Indiana than at home.
She was watching Little bear and Wow Wow Wubbzy.  Both are still her favorite shows (Little bear is the first one).
Walking to the farm.  We picked lots of apples.  Honey crisp, Gala and another one that looked like Pink lady, but I am not sure what it was.
This is the tractor/wagon that took us to the back of the farm where the Honeycrisp apples were.

All smiles in the wagon except for Ari.  It looks like she is not too have fun!  Well, she is very shy when other people are around.  But, when I asked her if she liked the ride, she said yes.
I loved the two pictures with Ari and Glenn.  They loved to pick apples from the trees and the floor.  How about the family picture?  I missed few people, but I loved it too.
This was Ari's favorite part: picking raspberries.  Maybe because they were smaller?  I mean raspberries bushes were prickly and she did not care.  I told her to be careful and she was very good.
Happy shot of Dad and son!
Lots of zinnias.  I love all the colors!
After the farm, we went to Wendy's.  We were very hungry and devoured all the food!  It was a nice family get together.
But, we knew it was time to go when Ari kept trying to lay down on the floor.  She was soooooo tired!
I still wanted to make a quick stop.  In LaPorte, they have an "antique" store with lots of goodies.  This is the only store that I still like.  Ari was a sport and since she loves the store too, we both enjoyed!
Look what she found.  She put the hat and I said you want a picture? She said yes!

Here are some goodies at the store, I wanted to buy this one for Ari, but she loved the top part and she said the bottom part was too prickly, and it was.  It is wool so she did not want to hold it.  Oh, well.  IT was cute!

Ari outside the store, they have these beautiful and huge planters!

The next pictures are stuff that I bought at Gardwood so you get an idea what they sell:

Tomatoes, (other veggies that I did not get), peaches, buffalo sauce, lots of other sauces...
They have their own bakery as well.  My favorites are the apple cider donuts that are only sold on the fall, but the other donuts are very tasty as well.  I also bought a peach muffin and some apple chips!

Lots of colorful honey sticks!  They have lots of different honeys, marmalades, jelly, preserves, you name it...
The main reason why we went.  We bought a 1/2 bushel!
Now, here are the goodies that I bought at the antique store:

Buttons, cards, vintage books and card, and paper dolls...I guess I am in a vintage mood right now :)
And since Ari likes ponies now, I found these guys at a very good price :)
Then we drove home and everyone except me are taking a nap...well I think I am going to join them now :)